Best Menstrual Cup for a Low Cervix

Best menstrual cup for a low cervix and high cervix

So, how do you know what size menstrual cup to get? Which menstrual cup is best for beginners? How to choose the best Menstrual Cup for a Low cervix? Can you sleep with menstrual cup?

You need to choose a Cup Size based on Length

How to measure your cervix height?

During your period time use your clean finger inserting into the cervix and measure your cervix. After entering the finger you will feel soft vaginal walls. The cervix wall feels not like smooth but with a firmness feel. You may also feel a small dip or slit (this is the cervical opening).

How to know what size menstrual cup to get

A smaller size cup is perfect for you if you’re under 30 and have never given birth vaginally. Manufacturer Company tags 2 lines of products.

How do I know what size menstrual cup to get? And which menstrual cup is best for beginners?

Are you under the age of 30?

If you are under the age of 30, and not have had any pregnancies or children, and/or have stronger pelvic floor muscles (PFM), then mini menstrual cup is perfect for you.

Have you carried a baby to term and delivered (C-Section and Vaginal deliveries count)?

Are you older than 30?

The other one who has given the cervix becomes birth loosen more. Are you active? Do the gym daily?

If you’re older than 30 or have delivered a baby via the vaginal canal (i.e. not through a cesarean section), then you need the larger size. Those who are over 30 are more likely to have a weakened PFM and/or have had pregnancies or children.

How To Measure Your Cervix


Your cervix changes position throughout your cycle, and it’s position at particular days of your cycle are unique. That’s why, locating your cervix is best done while on your period. We recommend checking it a few times during your cycle to find the size of your cervix.

What’s a Cervix?

cervix during pregnancy-cervix images
Source Wiki

 The lower, narrow end of the uterus that forms a canal between the uterus and vagina.

Cervix during pregnancy:

Before pregnancy, the cervix is normally closed, rigid and at least 3 centimeters long. During pregnancy, your cervix will gradually soften and become enlarged.  During ovulation, the cervix rises to a higher level in the vagina.

Different Cervical Heights:

Low or very low cervix – 

If your finger only goes in an inch or 2.54 centimeter or less and before it comes into contact with the cervix, then your cervix is low.

Low cervix
Low cervix Source 3

Average or medium cervix – 

If your finger easily reaches your cervix but not especially low, your cervix is placed at an average level.

Average or medium cervix
Medium cervix Source 3

High cervix – 

If your finger goes without any interruption and in a easy  way before it touches the cervix, then you have a high cervix

High cervix
High Cervix Source 3

Before Choosing a Cup know your cervix size

A High Cervix

55mm (2.25″) or higher. for high cervix, you can easily choose any length of menstrual cup. But one thing you should mind to consider buying cups on the longer side (over 55mm in length with or without stem) for the best chance of being able to find your cup without difficulty.

An Average Cervix

45 mm (1.8″) – 55 mm (2.25″) If you inserted a finger and found your cervix between your middle and highest knuckle deep (It is not precise measurement only reference) or you measured it to be somewhere in the range of 45-55mm then you have an average cervix.

A Low Cervix

44 mm (1.6″) or lower. Does your cervix easily reachable near the vaginal opening? Then you have a low cervix. Well, low cervix menstrual cup selection is challenging and important. If your cup doesn’t fit inside into the cervix wall it will not be comfortable.

How to insert a menstrual cup-

Here is the video: how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners

How to remove menstrual cup without mess:


What menstrual cup is best for a low cervix?

  • OrganiCup
  • OrganiCup offers three sizes with a minimalist design and packaging. Their newest size is especially for younger menstruators and those that need a more petite option.
  • Ruby menstrual cup
    • Ruby Cup may be the longest running 1 for 1 menstrual cup brand that we are aware of. Not only is their cup amazing, but so is their mission to provide cups and education to menstruators in need.
  • Saalt menstrual cup
    • It offers two sizes in two firmnesses. Their simple shape offers a comfortable fit and their new cups are wonderful for those who have cramping or bladder sensitivity.

Lena menstrual cup

  • Lena comes in two sizes. The original Lena cup is a bit on the firmer side of average, while the Lena Sensitive is a bit to the softer side of average and comes only in clear for those with concerns or sensitivities to dyes.
    • Diva Menstrual Cup
  • Lunette menstrual cup

Lunette as a brand is phenomenal and their cups are just as amazing. They offer two sizes in a wide variety of colors.

Before buying the Menstrual Cup what to Consider

Here are some other features when you would buy. For example Lunette cup-

  • Stem length –The bonus point is that you can trim any cup as your needs. It will be great to check the cup’s total length with and without the stem to find the best fit.
  • Cup diameter – You might be wonder to know that, the vagina can expand up to 200 times. And it is normal size. If you have heavy flow use the big one or model 2
  • Cup Softness/Firmness – is the cup soft and firm for each cup model. Most of the cups are made from medically approved silicon. This will give you a simple at-a-glance view of the essential features of every cup.

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Does cervix drop during period?

During menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood to flow out.Once ovulation occurs, the cervix drops lower and becomes more firm – once again feeling like the tip of your nose. The opening to the uterus will become tightly closed.What Cervical Position Tells You About Your Fertility

How do I know if I have a low cervix?

Once you have located your cervix, use the knuckle rule to determine whether or not your cervix could be considered low, average, or high. If you are touching your cervix by your first knuckle, then consider your cervix low. In this instance, you may find that the stem of the cup could protrude a little.Check the position of your cervix | Menstrual Cups Australia Online

Do menstrual cups hurt to remove?

If you pull on the stem, it will hurt! It will also create a mess since the cup won’t be supported or controlled when it exits. Squeeze bottom to release suction: This is the key – the bottom of the cup has ridges for gripping. Grip the bottom and tweak the cup to the side.How to Use a Menstrual Cup – How to Insert and Remove a Cup

Why does my menstrual cup move up?

Sometimes Cup moves up / Falls down. If your cup is falling out or moving up, it means that it has not created a seal to your vaginal walls and it is just resting in your vagina. How high or low your cup is positioned depends on the location of your cervix during menstruation – it can go high or descend low in your vagina.The Definitive Menstrual Cup FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Can menstrual cup cause prolapse?

The majority of people with mild prolapse will be able to use a menstrual cup. People with more severe forms of pelvic organ prolapse may not be able to use a cup as the cavity within the vaginal canal is reduced and can cause a menstrual cup or tampon to be pushed out.Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Freedom Products – JuJu – JuJu Cup

Do menstrual cups cause TSS?

The general consensus has been that menstrual cups do not directly cause or contribute to the development of TSS, and PACII continues to support this statement. … “…they do claim that menstrual cups are more likely to increase the production of Staphylococcus aureus – the bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome.”Do Menstrual Cups Cause TSS? – Put A Cup In It

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The research was taken from Dr. Lauren Abern, MD

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