Recumbent Exercise bike Benefits


What is a Recumbent Bike?

recumbent exercise bike is a regular bicycle or upright exercise bike that allows you to sit closer to the ground in a seat to burn your fat and calorie. The recumbent bike has become quite popular among fitness lovers over the past few years. This bike is now preferable to many instead of elliptical or upright bikes. So, what is a recumbent bike? A simple answer- Recumbent bikes are a great alternative to the traditional bike.

Recumbent Exercise bike Benefits

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A recumbent bike is a stationary workout bike that has a reclined or a leaning sitting facility. A person can lie back while working out his or her whole body by pedaling. The supine or reclined back support takes care of the back muscles, which makes sure you can exercise with minimum harm to your posterior.

No matter if you have aged or still at your juvenile, the recumbent bike can give you the best cardiovascular conditioning experience.

You will love a recumbent stationary bike more as it lets you enjoy reading a book or watching television, or listening to music while working out. A very few workout machines would allow you such comfort while warranting a whole body-shaping. The reclined back support and a wide & comfy seat secure your body-balance even when you are pedaling at an intense resistance level.

In short, a recumbent bike is an effective and secure workout package machine altogether.

Recumbent Bike Benefits Lose Weight

A recumbent bike benefits by losing weight and that is a fact.

A recumbent bike focuses on your core muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, lower abdomen, etc. According to science, working out and stressing the core muscles are vital in losing fats from your body.

Hence, you can expect a great amount of fat-burn by doing intense workout on your recumbent bike.  

Recumbent Bike Benefits Muscles

A recumbent bike definitely benefits your muscles. What muscles does a stationary bike work is a big question. In case of a recumbent bike you can have guarantee of your core muscles workout.

Many people ask, is a recumbent bike good for cardio?

You can replenish the oxygen supply and blood circulation by exercising on a recumbent bike. It is helpful in activating the heart muscles and arteries. Recumbent bike workout helps people of different ages to do cardio workout at their preferable resistance levels.

A recumbent bike exercise benefits in developing your glutes muscles. People complain about exercise machines not giving enough stress to their glutes. Rest assured, as a recumbent bike can do this for you. Recumbent bike exercise provides you the idea glutes toning as you dream.

Recumbent exercise bikes have served the quadriceps in the best way possible. Fitness lovers at any age can expect a handsome and sturdy pair of quads through exercising on a recumbent bike. It is because of the direct and most stress taken by any part of your body from pedaling are the quads.

Hamstrings are benefited by the recumbent bike as they take a reciprocal affect from working out on a recumbent bike. Placed on the other side of the quad muscles, hamstrings benefit greatly from the effective pedaling and stretching.

Hips are closest to glutes. Hence, you will find your hips strained quite well by exercising on a recumbent bike. The leaning back support also relaxes your hips while giving it the the optimum exercise effects it requires.

Your calves and shins play a vital role in your daily work and movement. A recumbent bike can assure a great deal of workout of these muscles. Over a preferable workout course on your sit-down exercise bike, you will see nice toning your calves and shins.

Exercising on a recumbent bike can assure your back muscles a great support. Working out in a leaning position protects your back from declining and ensures they take optimum effect from your workout.

Recumbent bikes have side handles as well as holding bars on their display monitors. Such facilities can aid your upper arms take a great impact on their muscles while exercising on a recumbent bike. Hence, you will develop strong arms through pedaling for a certain period.

As a recumbent exercise bike benefits your shins, calves, and glutes, it has a clear impact on your lower abdominal muscles. You can shred fats from your belly through working out on a recumbent bike after a certain course of pedaling.

Recumbent Bike Before and After Results

You should expect the below effects by exercising on a recumbent bike:

  • Reactivation of your joints and muscles.
  • Conditioning of your cardiovascular system.
  • Weight loss.
  • Gaining stamina.
  • Strong core muscles.
  • Strong and supportive back muscles.
  • Spontaneous and confident sitting, walking, and running.
  • Development of your physical and mental states.

A recumbent bike before and after results are vivid and effective. Opt for a recumbent bike exercise immediately if you are still not getting the maximum outcome from your regular exercises.

Recumbent Bike vs Upright Bike

Both recumbent and upright bikes offer benefits from their own set of mechanisms and effects. Some benefits make one better than the other in both ways.

Effects of recumbent bike vs upright bike can be laid out as below:

Recumbent Bike Upright Bike
Recumbent bike offers a reclined sitting position. Upright bike has an erect sitting position.
Pedals are set at the anterior. Pedals are set down below the seat. 
Seat is larger and cozy. Seat is smaller and less comfortable.
The rider seats in a leaning position on the seat. The rider seats on the erect seat like most traditional bicycles.
Works lower body along with the cardiovascular system. Works whole body with the cardiovascular system.
Recumbent bike helps less in upper body workout. Upright bike gives an outdoor workout experience while tones the upper body.
Recumbent bike is suitable for people who have aged. Upright bike is suitable for the juveniles.
Recumbent bike may take a decent space in your room. Upright bike may be foldable and kept in a smaller space after use.
Reclined workout gives the rider a full back support.  Upright bikes helps keep spine straight but has less upper body support.
It saves from body fatigue and bone decay.  It may cause neck and back pain after workout.

Recumbent Riding Benefits

A recumbent bike benefits are many. Let’s check them below:

Effective for All Levels

A recumbent bike is a great fit for all types of people. A long range of different resistance levels has made this bike suitable for every gym goer. It matters a little whether you are a beginner or a pro. A recumbent bike offers effective body exercise for all.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Due to its low impact exercise experience with a recumbent bike, you can enjoy a balanced workout session every time. Such workout always helps conditioning your cardiovascular system for a better health.

Recumbent stationary bike may be an immobile machine but it would give you the outdoor exercise experience altogether.

Activating Upper and Lower Abdominal Muscles

The overall set up and mechanism of a recumbent bike ensures concurrent effects in different parts of the body. Doing so, it strains both the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

If you want a machine that makes your chest, arms, and abs bound to tone down then a recumbent bike is an ideal choice.

Key Muscles Workout

A recumbent exercise or an exercise on a recumbent bike can give your core muscles some great deal of stress.

Glutes, quads, hamstrings, hips, shins, calves, and back muscles are prone to pressure ranging from lower to higher resistance levels on a recumbent bike workout.

Burning Calories and Shredding Weight

Like a reduced calorie-diet help weight-loss over the course, burning calories through workout may help you lose weight too. [Weight Loss and Maintenance Strategy-NCBI]

Losing weight is a significant outcome among the recumbent bike benefits. When you work hard on your core muscle-masses with a recumbent bike, you burn calories, which results in weight-loss.

Keeping the Joints Active

Joints of your body stay healthy and strong if they move and work regularly.

A 20-30 minute session daily on a recumbent bike helps your joints of elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and hips become sturdier. 

Keeping the Spinal Posture Right

A recumbent bike workout can keep your lumbar spine right.

Other machines may affect badly your backbone whereas a recumbent bike takes care of your spine throughout the exercise session by its reclined and horizontal sitting position.

Building Stamina

To grow stamina, you must exercise your whole body including your heart and blood, which a recumbent bike can assure you significantly.

Increasing stamina over the course of a daily 20-30 minutes session is one of the most amazing benefits of recumbent bike.

Safe and Balanced Workout

You wouldn’t trip over a recumbent bike even during the most intense workout session.

Its supine sitting position makes your workout experience safe and secure with a complete balance over your physique. 

Caring Hips and Butts

When you do recumbent exercise on such bikes, your hips and butts can go around not feeling numb or achy.

Having a large and comfy seat on a recumbent bike makes your long sitting sessions easy and painless.

Exercise at Your Comfort

Benefits of recumbent bike include a happy-go-about exercise session for the fitness lovers.

You can utilize your time while working out on a recumbent bike by reading a book, watching news on TV, or simply listening to music or radio. Obviously, you can do these being certain on your leaning saddle that you wouldn’t fall over pedaling away.  

Recumbent Bike vs Elliptical

Both a recumbent bike and an elliptical trainer are good for warming up and low impact workouts. They have similar as well as opposite effects on one’s physical condition.

Let’s know about some features and outcomes of these two amazing machines:

Recumbent Bike Elliptical Trainer
Recumbent bike has a leaning seat for exercising. Elliptical trainer requires a person to stand up while exercising.
It’s suitable for people with tender back. It may not be comfortable for people with back pain.
Recumbent bikes may or may not have hand-pedals. Elliptical trainer consists of movable arms for upper arms and body workout.
It helps greatly in calorie burning. Elliptical trainer burns about 30% more calories than a recumbent bike on moderate exercises.
Outdoor workouts may be replaced by a recumbent bike. Elliptical trainers can relieve you from outdoor jogging with low impact on knees and feet.
Recumbent bikes are more suitable for older people. Elliptical trainers are best fit for the young people and those who love to stay physically active.
Comparatively found at reasonable prices. Comparatively found at expensive prices.

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Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

Recumbent bike workout is suitable for beginners because of having multiple resistance levels. Let’s see how a beginner can exercise on recumbent bike below:

  • Do a 5-minute warm up to start with.
  • Begin pedaling with a 90-95% capacity for 30-40 seconds.
  • Reduce resistance and do a 30-second speed up for recovery.
  • Bring back resistance to 80-85% and pedal for 30-40 seconds.
  • Reduce resistance again for a 30-second recovery speed up.
  • Carry on between these intermittent workouts for about 25 minutes.
  • End session with a 5-minute warm up.

Recumbent Bike Workout

If your recumbent bike has at least 20 different resistance levels, start as below.

  • At Level 7-8: 5-minute 80-85 RPM.
  • Nest Level 15: 1-minute 75-80 RPM.
  • Next Level 1: 30-second 50 RPM.
  • Level 15: 1-minute 75-80 RPM.
  • Level 1: 30-second 50 RPM.
  • Level 15: 1-minute 75-80 RPM.
  • Level 1: 30-second 50 RPM.

Continue for 25 minutes. Use dumbbells for more intense upper body workout.

Stationary Bike Benefits for Legs

Stationary bikes help workout the key muscles of your body, which in result cuts fat from the calves, shins, and ankles. Over the course, you will find your legs shapelier and stronger than before.

Losing pounds is vital for getting your legs in shape. A 155 pound person can burn about 260 calories in a 30-minute workout session on a stationary bike, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

As mentioned earlier in this article, a recumbent stationary bike can target your core muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and shins. Doing so, it tones down those muscle masses for more robust shapes and structures.

Through various resistance levels, you can up your pedaling speed while straining more your leg muscles. Each of your key leg muscles would receive more pressure all together, hence sturdier in shape.


What does a recumbent bike do for your body?

A recumbent bike mainly works your lower body through a leaning position and pedaling. However, it may have impact on the upper arms and shoulders too.

Is a recumbent bike a good workout?

Of course! A Recumbent bike is suitable for cardiovascular conditioning, muscle workout, and joints stability.

Can you lose weight on a recumbent bike?

Since, a recumbent bike helps in reducing calories significantly, it can surely help in losing weight over a certain course.

Does a recumbent bike work different muscles?

Yes, it does. A recumbent bike target and work different key muscle masses of your body such as lower abdomen, glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Is recumbent bike as good as walking?

A recumbent bike resembles outdoor exercises such as walking, jogging, or running. You can receive similar or more vigorous results by using a recumbent bike since it does not require your whole body movement, hence reduces minimum energy.

Does recumbent bike burn belly fat?

Yes, it does. A recumbent bike burns your lower abdominal fat by cutting the calories. You can get great fat-burning result over a certain course of workout sessions like 30-minute daily for a month or so.

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