Best Nursing Shoes in White: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2021


We all know that nurses work really hard to take care of patients. It's a tough duty, but they do it sincerely. During COVID-19 Pandemic, they work really hard.

Nurses face many challenges in their workplace. It is necessary for them to wear comfortable shoes. These shoes help them to meet their challenges. Nurses work day and night shifts. The nursing white shoes protect them from slipping.

Nurses face some issues due to their hectic duty routine. Nurses mostly complain of back pain, body ache, joint pain, foot swelling. They face these problems daily. But they feel good when they wear nursing white shoes. They help them to feel comfortable during day and night rotating duties.

When you wear the comfortable shoes, then you feel the difference. Nurses must take care of their selves. Nurses' health is as important as ours.

What qualities should a nursing shoe must have?

The nursing shoes must be:

  • Comfortable
  • Non slippery
  • Reduce body and joint ach
  • Support your back
  • No harm to your foot
  • Related to nursing profession

Why nurses must wear non slippery shoes?

The floor of the hospital mostly remains wet. The continuously cleaning of floor makes it slippery. This increases the chances of nurses' fall due to slipping. So, there is no compromise on it. Shoes must be non slippery.

Top 5 Best Best Nursing Shoes in White

Top 5 Best Best Nursing Shoes in White
Top 5 Best Best Nursing Shoes in White

1. Skechers white shoes for nurses - Link

Skechers Womens Eldred Dewy Shoe, White, 8 M US
Skechers Womens Eldred Dewy Shoe, White, 8 M US

Skechers is popular brand of women's shoes now days. Theses shoes are specially designed for long hour shifts. Nurses will love to wear the on hard floor. Its non slippery feature makes it more comfortable and wearable shoes for nurses. It's made up of good quality leather. Bottom of the shoes is durable which make it classic.


  • Nurses can wear it easily all day long
  • It has a smooth leather upper. It is easy to clean it and remove stains from it.
  • There is foamy pad in the collar of shoe that supports the ankle.
  • Skechers white shoes made of stretchy fiber which add comfort.
  • The best feature of the shoes that they are very light weight. Nurses can easily wear it for hours. They can walk more after wearing theses shoes. The foot didn't get tired.
  • Another good feature of these shoes is they have removable sole in it. It is topped with memory foam. It work like a cushion and give comfortable feeling
  • Its sole is made up of rubber which makes it non slippery. Nurses always prefer non slippery shoes.
  • It is made up of good imported quality. It has a side logo of "s".
  • It is good for them who are overweight or have joint pain issue. Because they are light weight and easy wear for healthy feet.
  • It gives very cool feeling to heels. They are comfortable to wear and walk in.


  • Skechers white shoes for nurses are very comfy and easy to wear.
  • These shoes are very affordable. You can buy a quality product in reasonable price
  • Not only nurses, women at home who works in the kitchen for hours and have slippery floor. They prove very helpful to them.
  • If you buy Skechers shoes with laces, laces can broke after a few months.
  • Skechers white shoes works for nurses who are doing 12 hours shifts in the hospital.


  • Its size is little wider than expected
  • It is made up of all one piece
  • You daily clean up due to its white color. Easily cleanable.

2. Crocs Women's Neria PRO clog white shoes for nurses - Link

Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, White, 4
Crocs Women's Neria Pro II Clog | Slip Resistant Work Shoes, White, 4

Most of the time, nurses are on patient's round. They need protection. On every step the shoes must be comfortable or protective. These nursing shoes make them relax, because these are designed for relax fit. These shoes seem to be good for healthcare workers.


  • These shoes are up of 100% synthetic material. Nurses will love to wear them easily.
  • They are very easy to clean. You can also clean them soap and water. They didn't take much time to dry.
  • These shoes meet all the standards of nursing shoes. Very comfy, and fit. Most of all, these are non slippery shoes which nurses always want and prefer.
  • The crocs nursing shoes are ticker from toe area. They protect feet from spills.
  • These shoes have removable footbed liners. You can easily wash them.
  • These crocs shoes are fit for all those women who working for hours. Such women always demand comfortable shoes that didn't hurt their feet. They didn't feel tired foot after wearing them.
  • Crocs are fully tested and CE certified.


  • These shoes are constructed very light weight, easy to wear for hours.
  • It contains fully non slippery bottom. It's good of nurses who walk on wet floor or women who work on marble floor.
  • They are easily washable. You didn't need any kind of specific liquid to clean it. Just use soap and water.
  • They have removable footbed.


  • They can be little tight feeling across the top.
  • The toe box of Crocs Neria white shoes is not very foamy and roomy.

3. Anywear Journey Women's Healthcare Professional Injected Medical slip on - Link

Anywear Journey Women's Healthcare Professional Injected Medical Slip on, 5, White
Anywear Journey Women's Healthcare Professional Injected Medical Slip on, 5, White

If you wish you buy best shoes for nurses for long time use, you must check all the option. You fine very few which functional and useable. The Anywear professional medical slip on shoes is best option. These shoes are designed to give comfort to medical health professionals. They work really hard and in long shifts. These shoes add more comfort and fun in their daily routine.


  • These shoes are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable footwear.
  • The nurses with wide feet must use them. This must be perfect choice for them.
  • These shoes are feather like shoes are weighted and very easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Anywear professional medical slip on shoes has impressive sole. It is light weight and slip resistant.
  • These shoes must prove the perfect choice for nurses if they are looking for comfortable and non slippery shoes. It is perfectly designed for healthcare professionals.
  • These shoes are very durable
  • They are less expensive. You don't need to spend more money on shoes.
  • Its size is little bit large. Nurses with wide and healthy feet would love to wear them


  • These shoes are very comfortable and easy to clean
  • Very light weight
  • Fit to wide feet nurses who work for day and night shifts.
  • Non slippery, perfect for wet and marble floors
  • These are waterproof, so feet remain dry in them
  • Reasonable price and affordable
  • Spectacular for nurses working in labor and delivery rooms


  • The size is little bit big than normal shoes. It couldn't be the best choice for nurses with lean feet.
  • The feel of the shoes is not very foamy and roomy.
  • Little hard feeling on wearing and didn't cover the whole heel

4. Nurse Mates Women's Libby White Shoes - Link

Nurse Mates Libby White 7.5 D - Wide
Nurse Mates Libby White 7.5 D - Wide

When you work in long shifts in hospitals, you are relying on your feet. You spend most of the day on your feet. Then choose such shoes that can help you in day and night duties. Nurse Mates Women shoes made up of full grain leather upper. It is easy to clean. Leather lining increase the breathability of shoes. They seem very light weight in wearing. It is perfectly designed according to needs of nurses.


  • Nurse Mates model is top quality leather shoes. Its design is according to nurses need. All the requirements of fulfilled in this model.
  • It is made up of good quality leather. It is easy to clean. No need of any liquid to clean it
  • It has pillowtop foot bed which makes it very comfortable.
  • It helps nurses to keep them stable and upright.
  • These shoes are slip resistant. Nurses can wear it easily on wet floor.
  • When your feet tired, its pillowtop added comfort and support to feet.
  • It provides you superior grip and traction. The outsole is shock absorbing.
  • Nurse Mates shoes are comfortable, reliable and durable. It doesn't feel uncomfortable throughout the day.
  • These shoes are well priced and affordable good looking shoes.


  • Nurse Mates shoes are made up of good quality leather.
  • Easy to clean them
  • Pillowtop makes them more comfortable than any other shoes
  • Durable and affordable
  • Best for long sifts due to its pillowtop feature
  • Completely slip resistant
  • Shock absorbing sole


  • Toes are smaller than other manufacturers equal sizes
  • Not very cutest but comfortable
  • Hard sole

5. Nurse Mates Women's Angel Lace-Up Shoes White - Link

Nurse Mates Women's Angel Lace-Up Shoes White
Nurse Mates Women's Angel Lace-Up Shoes White

If you are searching for best lacing shoes in white, then you must consider Nurse Mates Women's Angel Lace up White Shoes. These shoes look very elegant. These shoes are like traditional lacing shoes. The nurses who prefer to wear lace shoes, they must buy these shoes. These shoes are super comfort with slip resistant sole. Nurse Mates Angel Lace up Shoe is a good choice for excellent quality. These shoes are easy to clean. There is no need of any specific spray or liquid to clean it. The nurses working for long hours must have these shoes if they like to wear shoes with laces.


  • Nurse Mates Angel Lace-Up Shoes White is good in size and comfortable.
  • These shoes are good for narrow feet that have slight arch. These are supportive and well fitted.
  • These shoes are made up of good quality leather.
  • These shoes are water resistant and made up of good quality leather.
  • Shoes have the regular laces. These shoes feel little narrow across the top of the foot. You can also loosen the laces.
  • These shoes are slip resistant. Nurses can wear them on wet floor.
  • Made up of good quality soft sole.


  • Made up of good quality leather
  • Fully water proof upper
  • Laces that helps you to tight the shoe according to your size
  • Very comfy for nurses who works in day and night shifts.
  • Very comfortable and true fit to size


  • High arch which may be uncomfortable for some nurses
  • Laces can broken down after long term use

Nurses White Shoes Buying Guide

Care of leather

When you buy leather shoes, you must know about how to take care of these shoes. You use chemicals to clean its leather. These chemicals make its surface dry. Due to dry surface, the leather can crack. If you want to use it for long time, follow the following steps to clean the leather shoes.

  • Use the leather polish to clean the shoe
  • Rub the polish with the clean fiber cloth. The cloth must be soft and dry
  • Dry the shoe in open air, away from sun. The leather of shoe can shrink with heat of sun
  • If you need to remove any stain immediately, then use dish soap. Clean it with water as needed
  • Wider Heel

When you are walking, the wider heel of shoes provides you more control and stability. It is also important to wear wider heel shoes if you have high arches. The high arches increase the risk of ankle sprains.

The wider heels provide you grip when you walking on the wet floor. It decreases the risk of ankle sprain. The hospitals and medical center floors are hard and slippery. The wider heel shoes give you traction control.

Breathable fabric upper

The nurse mostly works in long shifts of 8 or 12 hours. They mostly have complain or hot and sweaty feet during long duties.

Theses nurses should wear breathable fabric upper shoes. The shoes that have upper made of fabric are good choice for them.

In leather shoes, the air is not circulated. Due to this feature they get hot in long shifts and your feet start sweating. To avoid this, wear breathable fabric shoes.

Sustainable material

If you want to wear good shoes to help out the atmosphere, in which you work. Choose the shoes made up of sustainable material.

These shoes help you walk confidently. Such shoes are comfortable and help you to walk for long shifts.

Find out the shoes that are made up of recycled material. Manufactured materials are also good choice. It provides you the feel of positive environment.

Choose the shoes with wider width

The wider width shoes are need of many nurses. The nurses that have flat foot or suffering from hammers toe or bunions, their shoes of choice must be with wider width.

These shoes have wider toe area and give you much space. If you didn't find the wide width shoes, then buy an up size or full size shoe.

You can also stretch out the newly buy shoe to widen the width. Wear shoes with thicker socks also make them wider.

Shoes with arch support

Some people have flat foot and high arches. They should always choose the shoes with arch support. It provides them stability during walk. It can cause foot pain, if arch of the shoe doesn't support you properly.

Nurses work for long hours use extra cushions or additional arch support. While choosing shoes for work place, prefer those that support you arch.

Choose slip resistance shoes

While choosing shoes for workplace where you work on slippery floor, make sure your shoes should be non slippery.

Mostly the floor of hospitals remain wet due to continues cleaning. Nurses are always at risk of slipping on these floors. So, while choosing shoes for work, check the grip of bottom and sole that must be slip resistant.

How can we choose the perfect white nursing shoes?

Answer To find the right nursing shoes, select the design that fit your feet. If you have flat foot, check the stability of shoe. The bottom must be comfortable. Check the grip of shoe too.

Are the white shoes only for nurses?

Answer No, it is not any compulsion. Anyone who walk much at duty hours and have long shifts of duties can wear these shoes. Nurses work for 8 to 12 hour long shifts, that's why they need more such shoes.

Why to choose breathable shoes instead of leather?

Answer Leather shoes are good and comfortable, but they get hot when you wear them in long duty shifts. Your feet start sweating. Breathable shoes are beneficial in that case. Due to breathable fabric upper, the air across through the shoes. Due to this feature, your feet didn't sweat.

How to clean white nursing shoes?

Answer There are many sprays and liquids to clean the shoes. But these liquids have side effect. They contain chemical in them. When you use them frequently, your shoe leather become hard and then crack after usage. It's better to clean your shoe with soap then dry them with soft micro fabric. Wash them with clean water.

Why nurses always wear white shoes?

Answer The nurses working in a busy environment. They always prefer to wear comfortable shoes. Their uniforms are also white. This is the part of their profession. White shoes showing that they are nurses. If they wear funky color shoes, they didn't suits their profession.

Why nurses always prefer to wear slip resistant shoes?

Answer The floors of the hospital are mostly remains wet. The wet marble floor increases the risk of slipping. The nurses can slip from wet floor and get hurt. This is the reason to choose slip resistant shoes for nurses.

Are all white nursing shoes are comfortable footwear?

Answer The level of comfortable may vary from person to person. Every foot is not the same size. Everyone has his own preference. Some nurses prefer to wear leather shoes, they feel comfortable in them. Other feels comfortable in breathable fabric shoes. Some wants to wear lace up shoes. So, choose the shoes that fitted in your foot and you feel comfortable in them. Wear them, try them and then buy. Buy the shoe of your own choice.

What brand should we prefer to buy white nursing shoes?

Answer Always prefer the brand that suits your foot. There are many brands that offer white nursing shoes, some of them we discuss in this article. All brands have different features. Try them out and buy which is the best for foot.


The right choice of shoes for nurses makes their job easier for them. Nurses walk on their feet all day long. It is important for them to wear comfortable shoes. That's make their job easier. Due to long working hours, patient rounds, they get tired. If they wear comfy shoes, they can better focus on their job. Their job is very challenging. They work for hours to take care of patients. So it's the right of nurses to take care of them too. Wearing slip resistant shoes is their safety requirement. Nurses prefer to wear slip resistant, sustainable, durable, comfortable shows due to their hectic job routine.

I hope this article will help you to find best nursing shoes in white. The nursing shoes are specifically designed according to their job requirements. While there is no so much variety in nursing shoes, but they are according to their comfort. Nurses can compromise in style but not on comfort ability. On 12 hour long shifts they can't compromise on comfort, support and stability. White nursing shoes are always fashionable and timeless design for them. They love to wear them according to their comfort level. White nursing shoes have everything they need. They love to wear them in long hour shifts.

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