If you are a patient of hemorrhoids (Also known as Piles), it surely feels very uncomfortable when the swollen Hemorrhoid bursts. It sometimes becomes even disturbing and painful when the burst hemorrhoid keeps bleeding and you cannot move around or sit comfortably. Well, every time you get hemorrhoids bursting, you need a proper guideline to follow to deal with it.

Hemorrhoids Bursting- Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

Hemorrhoids Bursting- Treatment, Symptoms and Causes
Hemorrhoids Bursting- Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

Do you know Why Hemorrhoid Pain Worse at Night? If you don't treat hemorrhoids then check out these 12 hidden dangers of hemorrhoids and risk factors.

To get rid of bursting hemorrhoids, you need to take proper burst hemorrhoid care. You can help yourself at home alongside you take the bursting hemorrhoids treatment suggested by your doctor if you know about it and how it works.


With half of the US population over 50 having at one time consulted a doctor about these painful, itchy, sometimes bleeding bumps along the anus. Source

"While hemorrhoids are most common between ages 45 and 65, it's not unusual to see them in younger adults as well," Dr. Kimbrough says.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swallowed blood vessels around or within the walls of rectum or in the anal canal. Hemorrhoidal veins expand and the tissue around that swollen vein becomes inflamed once the swollen tissues grow big. The Hemorrhoidal veins can expand around the opening of the anal or inside the rectum, depending on that, there are two types of Hemorrhoids:

  1. Internal hemorrhoids: This type of hemorrhoids occurs when the hemorrhoidal veins within the rectum expand, it develops inside your rectum within the wall. It can grow big enough to even come outside the anal canal. This way, internal hemorrhoids can be classified into 4 stages:
    1. First Degree hemorrhoids, also known as internal hemorrhoids grade 1, always stay inside your rectum and they are too small to come out during a bowel movement. Internal hemorrhoids pain is the least in this stage.
    1. Second Degree hemorrhoids, also known as internal hemorrhoids grade 2, it's large enough to come out while a bowel. But it will go inside on its own after the bowel movement.
    1. Third Degree hemorrhoids, also known as internal hemorrhoids grade 3, they also come out of your anus opening during bowel. But, they have to be pushed back inside after the movement with your finger, they are too large to go inside the rectum on their own.
    1. The Fourth Degree Hemorrhoids, also known as internal hemorrhoids grade 4, they always stay outside the anus opening. This kind of Hemorrhoid(s) cannot be pushed back inside manually, if you have this, you should consult your doctor immediately. The doctor may suggest surgery for internal hemorrhoids.
  2. External hemorrhoids:

The Piles or hemorrhoids you can feel with your hand outside around the anal opening is the external hemorrhoids. They usually develop beneath the skin where the hemorrhoidal plexus is located. Hemorrhoidal veins function will swell the tissues around it, you may experience external hemorrhoids blood clots grow bigger and burst at some point. Doctors may suggest surgery along with medicine and home treatments as a cure for external hemorrhoids.

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Can hemorrhoids burst?

Do hemorrhoids burst and what happens when a hemorrhoid bursts?

If you are a patient of hemorrhoids, It's a common question you may ask if hemorrhoids burst or can you pop hemorrhoids yourself! Well, hemorrhoid bursts and starts bleeding when the hemorrhoidal vein becomes too swollen and inflamed that it ruptures the tissues around.

What happens if a hemorrhoid burst

When hemorrhoid develops too much blood clot inside, the tissues around get inflamed and it may burst. It usually becomes too painful before it bursts and you will feel relieved once the hemorrhoid bursts and the blood gets its way out. The bleeding from hemorrhoids that pop doesn't last very long, it may last for a few seconds up to a few minutes, it stops bleeding after a while.

Can you pop hemorrhoid: can you pop an external hemorrhoid

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids develop in such a place where it gets too uncomfortable to tolerate, the inflammation and the itching make it impossible to resist but popping it. Well, technically it's possible to pop it out, but you should never do that. First, you don't know if that pimple-like hemorrhoid is medically okay to pop in the first place. The anal area is highly exposed to millions of bacteria because of the place itself and bowel movement. So, popping your own hemorrhoid isn't a good idea at all and you should consult your doctor when it goes irresistible.

What to do if a hemorrhoid bursts: what to do when a hemorrhoid burst

Once your Hemorrhoid bursts on its own, you won't need to take any serious treatment, However, you may need to take some steps to sooth it. The first thing you do is cleaning it thoroughly with warm water that will both increase the blood flow and boost the healing. Take a 20-minutes long sitz bath submerging your butt inside a bathtub filled with soothing warm water. Once you feel relieved, dry the area with a microfiber towel, you shouldn't scrub or rub it.

Thrombosed hemorrhoid

The thrombosed hemorrhoid is an external hemorrhoid that develops blood clots inside the vein, and contacts while walking, sitting and causes severe pain. The main reasons for thrombosed hemorrhoids are irregular bowel movement, constipation, and diarrhea. During a pregnancy period, you may develop thrombosed hemorrhoids or even by sitting for too long in a single position. When a thrombosed hemorrhoid gets bigger, it will make hard and farm nodule or lump in the anal region and it may bleed on every bowel movement. For thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment, your doctor may suggest a thrombectomy or some topical medications may help it resolve.

Internal hemorrhoid burst

When an internal hemorrhoid bursts, it will be far more dangerous than the external one, but with proper care, you can stay fit and healthy. If an internal hemorrhoid burst, let the blood drain away itself and get a good sitz bath to help the area to heal up. While getting the bath, bend your knees to let the warm water get in, clean hemorrhoid and sooth it. Never strain after a hemorrhoid burst, use some over the counter medications to avoid constipation. Use some cold pack for 15-20 minutes, don't sit in a single position for a long time, keep the muscles moving and let the blood flow around.

External hemorrhoid burst

The main cause of an external hemorrhoid burst is when the swollen vein deposits too much blood clot and the nerves around it go irresistible. External hemorrhoid popping will cause serious pain and itching around the anal opening. The main causes of external piles burst are too much straining while bowel movement, long time setting, pressure on the anal opening that causes swelling on the veins. Although it's almost irresistible, Don't pop it until it pops itself out, so you can give it proper medication or home remedy.

What will happen if burst hemorrhoid won't stop bleeding

It will usually stop bleeding after a few seconds or minutes after your hemorrhoid bursts. The following fluid may find its way still for a few more minutes. You should keep the home remedies on, Ead more fiber and keep hydrated. However, if the bleeding doesn't stop even after 10 minutes and bleeds on every bowel movement or while peeing, see a doctor and ask for treatment for hemorrhoid bleeding.

Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment

If your hemorrhoid bursts or bleeds, take proper home treatment such as a good moist wipe for the blood, taking a sitz bath, or using a cold pack. Don't take a warm bath or cold pack for more than 20 minutes in a row. Avoid getting constipation using medication and use hemorrhoid creams and suppositories as over-the-counter products. Keep hydrated, eat more fiber and keep moving, don't sit on a position for too long.

However, If you find your hemorrhoid too painful and uncomfortable to stay with, consult a doctor for proper medication. You may get suggested to use a hemorrhoid banding (Rubber band ligation) or a Sclerotherapy, both will help the blood clot get off. The doctor may even suggest a minor Bipolar, infrared or Laser surgery or Electrocoagulation for internal hemorrhoids to help it dry off.

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Top 8 Best Hemorrhoid Cream

You can also use our recommended best hemorrhoid cream that fast relief from itching, burning, bleeding, and other symptoms that come with hemorrhoids

1. Naticura Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment Ointment - Link

Naticura: Alleviate Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Ointment - All-Natural Fast Cooling Cream for Burning, Itching, Pain, Fissures and Swelling - 1.7 oz. - with Peppermint, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter
Naticura: Alleviate Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Ointment - All-Natural Fast Cooling Cream for Burning, Itching, Pain, Fissures and Swelling - 1.7 oz. - with Peppermint, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

If you are a patient of hemorrhoids with severe pain, itching this relief cream is a perfect solution for you. It will instantly calm your burning hemorrhoid and heal the inflamed and damaged tissues around the swollen vein. The good thing about this cream is, it gives you a soothing easy passage for a bowel movement by lubricating the sensitive passages. Some of the key benefits of this product are:

  • It's made with menthol and works as a natural anesthetic to the inflamed area.
  • It alleviates the torn and inflamed tissues that are swollen with blood clots inside
  • It cools down the burst hemorrhoid and accelerates the healing process

Caution: If you are pregnant and have swollen hemorrhoids, make sure you consult your doctor before applying.

2. Naticura supplementary capsule from - Link

Naticura: Hem-Control Natural Hemorrhoid Supplement - Vegan Herbal Supplement with Psyllium Husks, Witch Hazel, and Ginger Root - 180 Count - Inflammation-Fighting Digestive Support
Naticura: Hem-Control Natural Hemorrhoid Supplement - Vegan Herbal Supplement with Psyllium Husks, Witch Hazel, and Ginger Root - 180 Count - Inflammation-Fighting Digestive Support

This Hemorrhoid controlling supplementary capsule from Naticura has grabbed the attention of the piles patients for a long time. It effectively works on your bleeding hemorrhoid and heals it inside out and keeps it safe from drying out. It calms your hemorrhoidal problems and eases the bowel movement by lubricating the anal area. The best thing about these capsules is, it's 100% natural and has no side effects whatsoever. The best beneficial parts of this supplement are:

  • It's made with mostly Psyllium Husk Powder and so many completely natural ingredients like fruits and root that has no side effects
  • It's made especially with Hem-controlling remedies that are very powerful yet gentle on the skin and works from inside.
  • It will help you get rid of swollen blood clots inside the hemorrhoidal veins that are painful and itching.

Caution: Don't use it more than 3 capsules and more than once daily and drink plenty of water with it.

3. Vegan hem-controller - Link

If you are a vegan and would like to have a natural and vegan formula for ultimate relief from Hemorrhoid, this is the product for you. These supplementary capsules are very effective at improving the blood circulation around the hemorrhoidal veins in the anal passage and the rectum. It comes with a dual-action formula to alleviate the hemorrhoidal pain even more effectively. Being a vegan product, it doesn't compromise at any point when it comes to healing the damaged tissues after a bursting. Main features of this vegan Hem-controlling product are:

  • The main thing about it is, it's targeted for the vegan and made without any kind of chemical.
  • It works directly on the torn tissues and damaged skin to heal the burst hemorrhoid.
  • You will have a safer, targeted, strong healing experience in a faster time frame.
  • It partially helps your cardiovascular health as well, so you are getting two in one.

4. Doctor Butler ointment - Link

The Doctor Butler ointment for Hemorrhoid and Fissure in your anal area and rectal passage. It helps you alleviate the hemorrhoidal pain and itching after and before you get a burst hemorrhoid. With more than 75,000 users of this ointment, you can definitely have a great experience to relieve your piles from swelling. This FDA approved ointment helps you relieve from burning feeling and swelling instantly. Most important features of this ointment are:

  • You will have quick relief from the itching, burning, and swelling.
  • It's completely safe to use as it's made with no chemicals.
  • It's FDA approved, so you have the best reliability to trust it.

5. Western Herbal Hem relief - Link

These highly nutritious Herbal Hemorrhoid relief capsules are made with pure natural ingredients like Hazel leaf, Horse Chestnut, Ginger Horse Chestnut, and so on. It doesn't just alleviate your hemorrhoid pain, itching and discomfort, it also makes your bowel movements easier. Your rectum is a very sensitive area where the blood flow is very important to keep out of hemorrhoids. This product helps you both externally and internally to keep your rectum free for better blood circulation and bowel movement. Best benefits of these capsules are:

  • It's made with 100% natural ingredients, therefore it's completely safe to use with no harmful side effects.
  • It's FDA approved, so you don't have to worry about the possibilities of getting a low-quality product.
  • It will slowly nourish your anal and rectum area to keep you safe from straining and hemorrhoidal pain, discomfort.

Caution: Take no more than 3-4 capsules in a single day and stop having once your symptoms are gone.

6. Carlson E Suppositories - Link

E suppositories themselves sound very promising when it comes to choosing an over-the-counter product for hemorrhoids. These E suppositories from Carlson are made with vitamin E, Hydrogenated coconut oil and palm oil to alleviate your hemorrhoidal pain and burning go away in minutes. Along with the instant relief from pain and itching of hemorrhoidal pain, you will get plenty of vitamin supply in your body to heal up the torn muscles.

  • It can be used both ways: Vaginal or rectal passage, so you don't have to get through the pain of pushing your rectum.
  • It lubricates the rectum and anal area for a better bowel movement.

7. Preparation H Hemorrhoidal wipes - Link

When you end up with a burst hemorrhoid, it's pretty annoying to coup with the bleeding, especially when it bursts in the first place. The rectal passage and the anal area itself is highly dangerous for potential bacteria attack and infections. You need to keep the whole area clean and hygienic, but you should never use any ordinary items to wipe it down and get contaminated. Instead, you have these Hemorrhoidal wipers which are medical-grade bleeding piles wipers to keep your anal area clean. You can smoothly wipe your butt and clean it from your hemorrhoidal bleeding while you are on your home treatments.

  • It's completely flushable into the toilet and eco-friendly medical-grade hygienic wipers
  • It comes with 50 individually wrapped wipers, so you can use them without any contact with bacteria ever before.

8. Reejoys Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment - Link

This Hemorrhoidal cream from Reejoys is a complete package of ultimate relief from hemorrhoidal pain and the Fissure problem. If you get a burst hemorrhoid and suffer from it, besides your home treatments, you can use it for better results. It's made with Chinese traditional medicine technology to alleviate the pain and bleeding. This cream will comfort your anal area with a great soothing experience.

  • It helps your rectum to have normal blood flow and prohibits to develop a blood clot
  • It will make a coating over the burst hemorrhoid to keep it out of bacteria and prevent the tissue from drying out.

Do hemorrhoids bleed a lot?

The hemorrhoidal bleeding isn't that scary as it sounds, it will drain the clogged blood inside the swollen vein and it will stop bleeding. Hence, hemorrhoids may cause pain and sometimes bleed while a bowel movement, keep safe from constipation and long time sitting.

Hemorrhoid burst how long will it bleed

Usually, once your hemorrhoid starts bleeding, it will stop when the blood inside the clot is clear, which takes about a few seconds. It shouldn't be more than a few minutes if it keeps bleeding for more than 10 minutes, go for bleeding hemorrhoid treatment options.

How to pop hemorrhoids?

When hemorrhoids become thrombosed, it will be too swollen and pop on its own, you should never try to pop it yourself. If you do so, you may expose the area to millions of germs and bacteria, it will get too painful especially while a bowel movement or walking.

Do your hemorrhoid bleeding for 5 days? Then what to do

A regular hemorrhoid bleeding after bursting will continue for a few seconds to a few minutes as most. However, if your hemorrhoid keeps bleeding for days, it most likely is because of bowel movement and straining, stay away from constipation this time.

FAQs for Hemorrhoids Bursting

What happens if a hemorrhoid burst?

When hemorrhoid gets too swollen, it will burst open to drain off the clogged blood inside and get you relieved from the lumpy vein, it will take a few minutes for the blood to find its way out.

Can hemorrhoids burst during pregnancy?

Yes, hemorrhoids have a high potential of bursting during pregnancy because of the baby's pressure on the veins down to the uterus and the rectum.

How long does ruptured hemorrhoid take to heal?

It depends on the size of the rupture, if it's fairly tiny, it should heal within a few days, but if it's a large one, it will take longer, it may extend to more than a week.

Can you squeeze hemorrhoids?

Technically it's possible to squeeze and pop hemorrhoids by yourself, but it's not recommended to do so and it can be highly dangerous and can bleed too much and cause severe pain.

Do hemorrhoids smell?

Although in the meantime you have your hemorrhoid, you will likely get smelly bowel movements and even the clot itself may smelly odor.

What gets rid of hemorrhoids fast?

You should apply home remedies to soothe the rupture if the piles burst. If you have too much pain or bleeding, serious medication or surgery may be needed, such as Stapled hemorrhoidopexy, Rubber band ligation, infrared, laser or bipolar coagulation.

What is the strongest medicine for hemorrhoids?

Nifedipine ointment works great for hemorrhoids, it works directly on thrombosed hemorrhoids that have serious clot inside. Or you can use Anucort-HC Suppository, Rectal, it's easy to use, popular among Hemorrhoid patients.

How do you get a Hemroid? - Link

There are several causes for you to end up getting hemorrhoid, such as:

  • If you lift heavy weight on a regular basis
  • If you go for anal sexual contact
  • If you have a low-fiber diet for too long
  • If you strain too much during bowel movement
  • If you sit on the toilet for too long and strain
  • When you become too obese.
  • Chronic diarrhea or long term constipation may occur piles.
  • Sometimes, becoming pregnant may cause hemorrhoids because of the pressure on the rectum and its veins.

Can stress cause hemorrhoids?

Stress can easily lead you to digestive problems, constipation, strain during bowel movement and eventually it may cause hemorrhoids because of the extra pressure on the sphincter muscle and the area of the rectum.


Hemorrhoidal pain and Fissure problems are some of the most painful and uncomfortable situations in one's life. You have to maintain a strict lifestyle to keep out of hemorrhoids and to get rid of it. Make sure you never get straining or constipation, it will keep your rectum and anal area easy and help the blood to circulate easily. Know all the home remedies I mentioned above and use the reviewed wipers to wipe the blood once your hemorrhoid's bursts, use the creams to fasten the recovery.

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