Chirp Wheel Review


What the chirp wheel actually is and what it’s designed for? The chirp has the groove in the middle to prevent pressure on your spine. It is good for the mid and upper back.

Yoga wheels are great for many different things from creating safe spinal flexibility, improving posture, releasing tension within the back, opening the can instantly feel a difference in how much better you can breathe afterwards, you can use it on your arms or legs for fascial release. The wheel offers resistance and substance, a ball does not support you it sinks in. A wheel fits between the scapulas, a foam roller does not.

Chirp Wheel Review

Essentially it’s just a large foam roller that’s designed explicitly for use on your back.these were originally called the plexus wheel or the plexus wheel plus as chirp is expanded into some other products they’ve now just started to call this the chirp wheel plus so you’ll see some various branding on these. You don’t feel any unnecessary pressure it just feels like a relief and as you get comfortable you can kind of roll back and forth 

These are designed to be used for daily use so again you can use it on your back you can use it upper back lower back I think thoracic lumbar you can use on our hips the eyes they help with posture

 You’ll see through a few different design features on it that it is intended to be used primarily on the back. if you’re used to using a normal foam roller then you can easily use it.

When you are doing yoga,  there may arise some problems with your back .All your weight is distributed across your back and not necessarily on the areas especially if you’re looking in between your shoulder can be really difficult to get so that’s where having an arrow roller helps and the other way is if you’re going to just set this along your spine it’s going to put a lot of pressure on your spine directly and probably not get much done your muscles on either side of your spine.

It is designed for your spine to go in is beneficial so with this channel they call it the spinal canal jerk wheel actually has a patent on it when it comes to yoga wheels but it’s designed to alleviate the pressure that would be on your spine when you are rolling and put the pressure on the left and right side.

Now the other great thing as you get down to the smaller wheel is you can start to you know work higher up work your neck just rest your head a little bit stretch almost like that first initial pose when you get to your neck just get there and sit on it but let it get comfortable stretch out do a full body stretch hold it it really just does feel good 

so when you are going up in between your shoulder blades and down your back you’re only feeling it on your muscles and not on your spine at all and you know foam rolling on your spine can sometimes be questionable so if you can do anything to relieve that pressure I would Recommend those effective wheels.

 You can buy all three so the six inch the ten inch and the 12 inch.

if you’re gonna stretch you know you might have to put your hands on the ground you can’t hold it all there but that being said I mean it does take a good shift of weight to actually fall off of it but if you are just feeling a little bit unstability you can go ahead and hold it

You can use it on your glutes almost like a traditional foam roller and again that smaller width allows you just to put a lot more pressure on whatever area you’re trying to target with the roller so you can do your hips like that you can do your thighs.

 I would highly recommend these if you have any sort of back pain or just tightness like I mentioned I use this pretty frequently just getting out of bed for three to five minutes just to stretch out and get flexible at the beginning of the day and it’s become a great relief to me.

 I’ve been using the turf wheel for a few things over the past couple of months. number one to help roll my back out number two to help me be more mindful of my posture and help correct my posture.

 Many of you and have some less than ideal posture habits such as being on my phone sitting at the computer I get tight from swimming and ultimately as a result of all that often times.

I had really poor posture so I used the truth wheel to help open myself up and ultimately check in with myself and mentally be more mindful of carrying myself with proper posture.

 Used to roll my back out all the time for many years with a foam roller and a foam roller still probably my favorite recovery tool is probably the most versatile and it’s easy to travel with at least this one is but as far as rolling my back out it pales in comparison to the trip wheel the trip wheel is definitely not as versatile as a foam roller but what the trip wheel does do it does really really well 

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