12 Best Shoes for Back Pain| Expert Guide to the Best Shoes for Bad back


People who are suffering from severe back pain only know what it takes to absorb the pain and discomfort in the long run. Despite there are countless treatments available, it never goes away unless you can take the neutral steps such as getting a pair of the Best shoes for back pain.

What we will cover to find the best shoes for back pain sufferers: This article will help you decide how you can make the optimum selection for the best shoes for back pain that can help you fight and alleviate back pain.

12 Best Shoes for Back Pain| Expert Guide to the Best Shoes for Bad back

Best Shoes For Back Pain Men
Best Shoes For Back Pain Men

When you walk, you put the force of as much as five times your body weight on each foot. If the foot doesn’t redistribute the weight properly, you can develop problems on your each foot. Orthotic shoes can help alleviate your back pain symptoms, and enhance the level of your comfort and mobility. image credit:orthofeet

Best 6 Shoes for Back Pain – Shoes for Back Pain Sufferers

  1. Best shoes for back pain men – ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 
  2. Best shoes for back pain sufferers – Brooks Men’s Shoe
  3. Comfortable walking shoes for work – New Balance 
  4. Best walking shoes for lower back pain -Merrell Men’s Slip-On Shoe
  5. Best running shoes for back pain -Hoka One One 
  6. Best shoes for foot pain relief – Altra AFM1837F

Almost 31M people from the United States suffer from back pain[1]. These affected people have a notable tendency to stay at home rather than going to the office. From medical research, 80% of people may face this in their lives for at least once[2]. In the United Kingdom, around 20% of people seek medication from the physician who has this common disorder[3].

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6 Best Shoes for Back Pain Men

Running with the wrong shoes on will never help you with back pain but to increase it. The best way to fight back pain is to put on wearables that improve your posture. Here are the best shoes for back pain men’s that you can go for your next shoe selection:

# 1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

The Gel-Kayano are the best running shoes for back pain with 100% synthetic material. It will give you great support while running with its rubber sole and Impact Guidance System.

Its soft-cushioning and FluidRide design will make you feel no pain after wearing it for a long time. This technology comes with a combination of multi-directional reinforcement stretch around your feet, especially supporting the heels.

It will easily adapt to your foot and grab like a glove around the feet. With its bounce-back cushioning, forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system will protect you from shock or impact. It will improve your back posture dramatically as it gives you a great foot transition through your gait cycle.

The shockproof design also absorbs the shock and holds it before it starts to go to the lower spine.

Here are the key reasons why I’m recommending these shoes as the best shoes for bad back:

  • It has an intelligently-thought impact guidance system while running.
  • You’ll get the FluidRide technology to make you feel no pain if you have back pain.
  • It will grab on your feet with its multi-directional reinforced stretch around your feet.
  • The improved foot transitioning capability for the gait cycle will alleviate your back pain.
  • These shoes are bi-directionally shockproof for both forefoot and rearfoot.

# 2. New Balance Men’s Made in Us 990 V5 Sneaker

The New Balance shoes have a sturdy build quality with 50% synthetic and 50% mesh material that ensures optimum comfort. With its rubber sole under the feet, you’ll have a sturdy grip while running or working out wearing it.

Furthermore, it will ensure a comfortable experience, especially if you have to walk a lot, for a longer period.

The comfort will go even further with its thick and soft upper sole that grips your feet from the left and right side. For incredible durability and arch support, its ENCAP midsole technology will do a great job.

As a result, your lower back will have great support in every step while walking for long sessions with the ergonomic soles.

Here are the main reasons why I’d recommend you to get these shoes if you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes for work:

  • It has the ENCAP midsole technology to give you balanced and perfect pronation.
  • With the low-top shaft design of these shoes, you can walk for a longer period.
  • The mixture in its design consist 50% mesh for good air circulation that makes it the best shoes for back pain men’s.
  • Its rubber insole will make sure you’re getting a firm grip on the ground and stay put.
  • The outer sole and upper soles have the comfort you need in every step while walking.

# 3. Back Pain Preventing Running Shoe: Hoka One Bondi 6

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 is the most comfortable ugly shoe on Earth. If you don’t have a problem with its Herman Munster look, then hands down go ahead and get the most comfortable sneakers on Earth. With its synthetic sole and soft grip, you’ll get the maximum comfort you need from your running shoes.

These are perfect for any kind of orthopedic problems including intense arch pain and stiffness. With the thick full-EVA midsole, it will support the veins in the area to alleviate the stress on your lower back.

The upper mesh design will provide a good airflow inside the shoes while running. Its extra-thick, pronations, and bottom sole combined will keep you safe from the shock that can get to the lower back.

Here are the reasons why these are the best running shoes for back pain with maximum comfort:

  • Thick pronators and lower sole will absorb the shock and impact while running.
  • All the soles of these shoes have a complete synthetic design to support for any distance.
  • The full-EVA midsole will make sure you’re getting full-contact support while stepping.
  • Its Meta-Rocker technology will give you a balanced ride during a longer run.
  • Go for it if you have prior back pain and plater fasciitis and stiffness in the arteries.

# 4. Best for Walking -Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

The Merrell Slip-On Shoes have a 100% full-grain leather build that will give you a premium feel and perfect as casual wear. The anatomical footbed of these shoes will make sure you’re comfortable in each step with maximum ease. They have a single supportive sole unit combined with a padded collar to ensure the support for your arteries.

The ergonomic midsole will support your lower back and spine that makes it the best shoes for spinal stenosis. It will support your arch and help you get a better stride experience from initial contact to terminal swing.

If you have plantar fasciitis and have to walk a lot, these shoes can work as your relief point. It has a compression-molded full-EVA foot frame to ensure stability and absorb shocks and impact.

Here are the best features that make these shoes the best walking shoes for lower back pain and good for long casual wear:

  • This shoe has a 100% full-grain leather built for both style and better comfortability.
  • You’ll get a grip sole for firm adjustability and comfort while running or walking.
  • It has a supportive sole unit with a padded collar for the best pronation and pain relief.
  • You will get a breathable mesh lining in them to keep your feet dry while walking.
  • The molded EVA foot frame and ortholite footbed will make sure you have the maximum comfort.

# 5. Altra AFM1837F Men’s Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoe

The Torin 3.5 Mesh comes with a Mesh-Synthetic combination build that will ensure great breathability to keep your foot dry. The 28mm cushion will make sure you’re free from any sort of impact and shock along with maximum support while running.

To maximize the resistance from shock, it has the FootPod technology, and with the intelligent Zero Drop Platform technology.

It combines the midsole and outsole pattern that maps your tendons and bones and flex accordingly. The InnerFlex grid-like midsole will support your arches with natural flexibility. The A-bound cushioning combined with the FootShape toe box will ensure a relaxed toe position and reduce ground impact.

Here are these shoes at a glance that makes them perform outstandingly as the best shoes for foot pain relief:

  • It has the FootPod Technology that maps the tendons and bones to fit inflexibly.
  • It also has the Zero Drop Platform technology to take your foot into its natural position.
  • The InnerFlex midsole is flexible to match up your foot shape and support your arches.
  • Its FootShape toe box will fit in your toes to their natural position without strain.
  • Its A-bound cushioning that significantly reduces the ground impact makes them the best shoes for foot pain relief.

# 6. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

With a 100% leather build, the Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are the best shoes for degenerative disc disease. The progressive diagonal rollbar will support your arches and keep your lower back and lumber in its natural motion. You’ll get a much secure and slip-resistant fit due to the intelligent forefoot MC Pod construction.

The innovative outsole with the low-impact design will distribute and absorb any impact from your forefoot and the rearfoot. You’ll get much stable and efficient support while running or walking and effectively alleviate your back pain.

The premium soft-cushioning insole will reduce over-pronation and improve your posture. Its BioMoGo DNA will adapt your stride style and decrease inward rotation of the lower limb and make your steps comfortable.

Here are the key points that make it the best shoes for back pain sufferers:

  • Its soft-cushioning insole will keep you safe from lumbar pain and balance the steps.
  • The intelligent forefoot MC Pod construction makes it completely slip-resistant.
  • Its low-impact outsole design absorbs the impact on your foot, making it the best shoes for bad back.
  • The progressive diagonal rollbar of this shoe keeps your lower back in a natural position.
  • Its BioMoGo DNA technology is smart enough to adapt your stepping style and bones.

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6 Best Shoes for Back Pain Women

Men and women have different feet anatomy and they need different constructions on the shoes for proper balancing. Here are the best shoes for back pain women’s that can help you alleviate strain and support while running or walking.

# 7. Best Women’s Walking Shoe Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief for Heel Pain, Foot Pain

These Gravity Defyer pain relief shoes are the best shoes for back arthritis problems, especially the heel and foot pain. They work great for plantar fasciitis as they have the detachable insole design to accommodate your custom orthotic insole.

With the patented VersoShock technology, you’ll get the best shock resistance from these shoes.For better pain management, this technology offers a ground-up conversion of the impact into positive energy.

The front rocker design will make sure you’re in your natural shape while walking or running for long hours. It offers extra room in the toe box to accommodate feet with more comfort, especially those who have diabetes or people with bunions.

Here are the reasons why these are the best walking shoes for lower back pain for women:

  • These shoes can accommodate custom orthotic insoles to support your arches.
  • Its VersoShock technology will absorb and convert the impact into positive energy.
  • You’re getting a front rocker design for a better running capability for longer.
  • The wider toe box will provide more comfort and alleviate pain in the toes.
  • It has an upper mesh design that lets the air go in and keep your feet dry.

# 8. Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 Running Shoe

If you’re a regular runner who needs a smooth ride, The Ghost 12 has some impressive features for you. With its ultra-lightweight and soft cushioning, you won’t feel a bump even after hours of running.

Its BioMoGo DNA technology, combined with the DNA LOFT cushioning makes it perfect for adapting your natural posture. To ensure a balanced and stable ride, these shoes come with Segmented Crash Pad design.

No matter how your feet land on the ground, they can give you a smooth forefoot and rearfoot transition. With its 3D Fit Print, your feet will get its strategic placement to fit in every bump and groove to support the stride.

Here are the key features that make the Ghost 12 the best shoes for back pain sufferers who run a lot:

  • It has the BioMoGo DNA technology to adapt your feet posture.
  • Its ultra-soft and lightweight DNA LOFT cushioning will provide longer running capability.
  • With its Segmented Crash Pad design, you’ll feel no impact to your lower body.
  • The 3D fit print design, every curve of your feet will have its place in the shoes.
  • You can have a longer stride and improved gait with a breathable design.

# 9. Best Running Shoes for Back Pain -HOKA ONE ONE Womens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

If you’re looking for the best shoes to wear after spinal fusion surgery, the Bondi 6 Running Shoe is the perfect choice to go with. Its Meta-Rocker technology will help you walk without putting much effort to walk smoothly. The full-EVA midsole will ensure you’re getting the maximum support on your arches.

Its rubber sole and padded insole will work combined to eliminate any impact on your foot and provide full stability. The rubber inserts are perfect for you to get a sturdy and non-slip grip to the ground.

Furthermore, the breathable upper mesh textile lining will help your feet stay dry, so you don’t have to bend due to itching.

Here are the key features that make this pair perfect choice after surgery as the best shoes for back pain women’s:

  • The Meta-Rocker technology of these shoes will allow you to walk or run effortlessly.
  • Its full-EVA midsole can support your arches to help you fight back pain.
  • To eliminate impact, these shoes have rubber outsoles and padded insoles.
  • With the rubber inserts and non-slip grip, it will be a lot stable while running.
  • Its breathable upper mash sole will keep your feet from drying out.

# 10. Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Leather Sandal

This Birkenstock with synthetic sole will come as a lifesaver if you’re in search of an incredibly comfortable casual slip-on. It’s unisex and you don’t have to sacrifice style for support once you have it. It will snap into each of the natural grips of your foot to take your comfort while walking to a whole new level.

The whole outsole is fully handcrafted with natural cork and covered with synthetic lining leather. The cork soft bed will custom fit to your feed by molding into the grooves naturally. It will take your body weight and evenly distribute throughout the whole shoe, giving you balanced and optimum support.

Here are the key reasons why I strongly recommend these as your daily casual slip-on shoes:

  • The given feature of this shoe that it’s Birkenstock, which is well known for foot support.
  • It has a great natural cut-out for the midsole to support your arches and fight pain.
  • You’re getting a handcrafted outsole with natural cork with a synthetic lining with leather.
  • The upper and the lower sole will mold into your natural feet shape and bones.
  • It can evenly distribute your whole body weight throughout the shoe from heel to toe.

# 11. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

If you need the shoes that can help you with lower back pain management while hiking, these are the ones you’re looking for. These are the best hiking boots for lower back pain with the perfect combination of build material such as organic nanofibers and JACQUARD mesh.

The AHAR rubber sponge and the Duemax midsole will give you grip and control for overpronation.

Its high-density GEL technology and I.G.S Technology will effectively absorb shock and impact. With the EVA sock liner and the Trusstic System technology, it will bring extra stability from torsion.

Here are the most anticipating key features of the Gel-Kayano 26 that makes it the best women’s dress shoes for back pain:

  • These shoes have the AHAR rubber sponge and Duomax midsole to ensure maximum grip.
  • Its organic nanofibers and JACQUARD mesh will give you adequate breathability.
  • The high-density GEL and I.G.S technology will effectively absorb shock and impact.
  • Its Trusstic System technology gives you maximum stability while running or hiking.
  • The EVA sock liner and ergonomic design will support you for torsion management.

# 12. Best Nursing Shoes for Back Pain: Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe

If you’re a nurse and need a professional-grade shoe with the maximum support for working, these are the shoes you want to go with. It has a full-grain leather or a printed polyurethane build and adjustable stretch laces for maximum durability and adjustability.

They will perfectly align your corrective orthotic to support your arches and alleviate lower back pain.

The composite shank and leather sole of these shoes will ensure you’re getting a stable and balanced walk or run. Furthermore, the EVA bottom will give you an ultra-lightweight uncluttered feeling while you’re working wearing them.

The key features that make these shoes best comfortable walking shoes for work:

  • These shoes have a proper design for medical professionals with proper stretching.
  • It has a corrective orthotic adjustable design to adapt your feet style that makes it the best nursing shoes for back pain.
  • Its composite shank will ensure stability while walking for long hours or running.
  • The leather sole and EVA bottom will provide a greater balance in the movement.
  • These are the best shoes for back pain nurses because of ultra-lightweight design without bothering you with weight.

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Why Shoes Are Important for Back Pain

Have you ever wondered why shoes are important for your back pain?

Well, your body manifests a kinetic chain-reaction when anything goes down your feet, according to Jeremy Smith, M. D. Whenever something awkward happens down the toes, balls, arch, or heels, they stream the effect up through ankles, knees, hips, and eventually your back muscles.

Hence, an uncomfortable pair of shoes contribute to your bad back.

Prescribed shoes for back pain are insoles, running shoes, minimals, and prescription orthotics.

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Relationship between low-back pain and the feet

The feet and chronic lower back pain have a close relationship between them. You may think it’s because of a particular activity that hurts the joint, but it may not be the case! Here are some facts that you should know about the relationship between your feet and back pain:

The pedal foundation disfunction

Most of us are born with a perfect pair of feet and we get it to a wrong position and cause back pain. We develop most of the structural problems in our feet by the age of 20 to 40 and develop a serious problem. As the veins and the arteries in our feet connect directly to the arteries to our back, they cause back pain.

Excessive pronation

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, it could be because of wearing the wrong shoes which cause overpronation. It also results in aggravate lower back pain because of eventual ligament instability. Your spine joints get affected when you have wrong pronation which you can decrease with the help of a custom orthotics.

External force of heel strike

If you have degenerative changes in your facets and lumbar discs, the external force of your heel strike will cause back pain. The best way to address this problem and get rid of the force is to use shock-absorbing shoes and orthotics with viscoelastic compounds.

Different leg lengths

If you have an anatomical difference in the lengths of your two feet, it may produce a structural strain on your pelvis. It will result in not only chronic back pain, but also degenerative changes in the area.


More than 65 million people suffer from back pain in the US which is over 540 million around the world. Persistent and chronic back pain is a severe problem that takes place mostly because of the modern lifestyle we’ve adopted.

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What to look for when Buying good Shoes for Back Pain Management- Shoe Purchase Considerations

Choosing a pair of good shoes for back pain management can be a daunting job if you don’t have any idea what to look for. Here are the things you must look for in the shoes that will come with maximum comfort and help you with your back pain or other lower body issues:

Made of what Material

Shoes come with different build materials such as leather, synthetic, mesh, fabric, and so on. Shoes with the full leather build are good if it’s a pair of casual slip-on that you don’t wear for long hours. However, having mesh lineups and synthetic soft sole and ergonomic midsole make the best support in a pair of shoes.

Breathable or not

All-fabric shoes may have the best breathability but they lack the integrity you need for the lower back pain management. The best option here is to go with shoes that have a combination of mesh design in the front and synthetic at the bottom and back. They will support you in keeping the airflow correct towards your feet, making them the best running shoes for lower back pain.

Running Shoes

Running shoes with good pronation support and better insole grip is the best option if you want to alleviate your back pain. The best running shoes for lower back pain are the most lightweight and have designs that can take in tremendous pressure yet stays firm. They come with intelligent designs that absorb any impact on your feet, give you a firm grip on the ground, and be the best shoes for your back pain.


Birkenstocks are popular for sensitive feet for their capability to snap into each groove of your feet. Their soft footbed helps you with your back pain caused by excessive pressure on arches, making the most supportive walking shoes. They are also great because of the wide variety of styles, designs, and versatility of wearing anywhere casually.

Rocker Soles

The negative heel technology, also known as the rocker shoes are great for natural support for your heel, especially while running. They will give you a given opportunity to avoid the initial impact from the ground while you’re running and taking big steps. To support your posture and minimize the pressure on the arteries and arches, they are the best running shoes for back pain.

Ergonomic Shoes

Ergonomic shoes are more like Birkenstocks that naturally snap into all the grooves of your feet. They are good for supporting the natural position of the foot and best for style with comfort. These shoes can work as the best work shoes for back pain and remind you that you don’t have to sacrifice style to support your back.

Prescription Orthotics

You shouldn’t fight with the insole of the shoes to fit your feet on it which is a common thing with most of the over-the-counter inserts. They have designs for all people, not specifically for you which you need the most as you have the pain to deal with. Try to get a pair of custom-crafted prescription orthotics that will support the arches perfectly and lower back the most, making the best shoes for your back.

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Worst Shoes for Back Pain

If you’re wearing bad shoes, they can cause severe back pain or heel pain or heel spur or tear or pull the ligaments. The worst thing that bad shoes can do is make the spinal joints move improperly,  damage the intervertebral discs that cause back pain. Here are the shoe types and characteristics that can cause back pain:

High Heels

Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain
Best Walking Shoes For Lower Back Pain

High heels cause massively negative changes to the natural position of your foot, both in toe and heels. A long period of wearing high heels will cause pain in the Achilles tendon, swollen forefoot, bursitis, and blisters. The only solution is going with shorter heels with ergonomic arch support.


Best Running Shoes For Back Pain
Best Running Shoes For Back Pain

If you’re wearing stilettos, it’s the biggest reason for severe back pain and unbearable aches in the feet. The needle-like heels take the whole weight of your body into an ultra-narrow point which puts you under risk of spinal imbalance. Start using chunkier heels with less height if you have to wear high heels.

Platform Shoes and Wedges

Best Shoes For Foot Pain Relief
Best Shoes For Foot Pain Relief

Platform shoes and wedges are similar to the stilettos, they keep your foot in an unnatural bone position. With a much higher platform than the toe area, it will put stress on the tendon and cause back pain after wearing for long. Replace them with shoes with flatter platforms to avoid the extra strain and stress.

Pointy Toes

Using shoes with pointy toes for long will cause severe pain and stress. They will result in problems like Bunions or Hammer Toe by squeezing your entire forefoot. To avoid such problems, use shoes that have a wider toe box and a flat base for your toes where they can rest easy.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats or flat shoes may come esthetically pleasing to the minimalistic people but they may cause severe problems as well. They provide zero support for your arches and put extra pressure on the plantar fascia ligament. If you have to use these shoes, consider getting a pair of orthotic Inserts.

Flip flops

These are somewhere similar to the Ballet Flats, only worse at putting pain to your plantar fasciitis ligaments. They have no work at all when it comes to supporting your feet and sometimes even cause pain. Never wear them for long, and replace them with sturdier Fit Flops if you have to use one.

Wrong Size

Using the wrong size of shoes for long will leave your feet unable to stay in its natural position. It will cause serious problems like deformities, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, calluses, bunions, and so on. The best way to avoid such issues is to use a pair of shoes with proper measurements.

Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes, also known as the barefoot shoes are designed with no heel flare and midsole to keep them minimal. They may come in handy for regular people for a short span of usage, but if you have back pain, they won’t support your back. However, if you have to use them, make sure you’re using the best insoles for lower back pain. Use a pair of best shoe inserts for back pain that can support your plantar fascia ligament.

All Image credit: webmd

Reebok shoes for back pain

 Reebok’s Zig Heel provides point-of-impact cushioning when you need it most.They are super comfortable and fit like a glove! 

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What is Back Pain?

Back pain is the reason why people are absent in their daily works. Different types of injuries, activities, sickness, etc. can result in back pain. Back pain arises in the upper and lower part of the back.

Upper back pain has lesser possibilities to happen than the lower back pain.

 Back pain can be of three stages, such as acute, sub-acute, and chronic. These three have different types of durations.

The traumatic changes to the spinal discs and facets joints can cause pain in the muscle of the back. In most cases, the reasons for the pain are entirely unidentifiable.

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Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Lower back and hip pain are nothing strange to the aged persons. You may be a victim of having sharp lower back pain even if you are not an older man.

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Source: How To Get A Deep Piriformis Stretch To Get Rid of Sciatica, Hip & Lower Back Pain

Here are a couple of symptoms which can help you diagnose the disease and further treatments:

  • Dull and aching pain: The pain which stays in between the lower back is known as dull and aching pain. You won’t feel any burning, stinging, or sharp when you are facing this dull and aching pain on the back. Mild or severe muscle spasms, pain in the hips and pelvis, etc. give company to this aching pain.
  • Moving pain: If you are having pain scattered behind your body or on the buttocks, legs, ankles, feet, etc. This pain travels from the lower part of your body to the feet.
  • Pain after sitting: The people who keep themselves busy and sit on the chair for hours can put extra pressure on spinal discs. It can cause the slipped discs, which will trigger the pain when the person stands up from the chair after a long time.

However, there are more signs and symptoms of lower back pain right side and left side. The inability to raise toe upward, numbness different in parts of legs, etc. are some other symptoms.

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What shoes are best for lower back pain?

Running shoes with a proper midsole that supports your arches naturally is the best for lower back pain. They come with a shockproof design that will absorb the impact from the ground and keep your natural posture intact.

Can shoes help with back pain?

Yes, shoes with orthotic insoles and ergonomic pronation can help you with back pain, such as the reebok shoes for back pain. They can effectively absorb any impact, support the plantar fascia ligaments, and alleviate back pain.

What are the best sneakers for back support?

Sneakers with an impact-resistant outsole and good arch support are the best option for back support. They also help you improve your natural posture giving you firm support to keep your feet stable after the long run.

What are the best walking shoes for back pain?

Shoes that can adapt your feet’s natural posture and give firm support to the arches are the most supportive walking shoes for bad back pain. They will help you stay put after long hours of walking as they come with orthotic inserts or take it custom insoles.

What are the best shoes to wear for lower back pain?

Shoes that have orthotic insoles and have great arch support can be effective for lower back pain. You will find them preventing hyper-pronation and keeping your feet aligned in its natural position and keeping the impact out of the lower back.

Are Skechers good for backache?

Skechers that have adequate support for your arches and proper shock-absorbent insole and outsole can be good for backache. These features in Skechers will help you improve your gait and posture in their natural ways.


When it comes to selecting the Best shoes for back pain with the most important part of shoes, it’s the insole that you step on. The most comfortable walking shoes for work or running has to be very precise at snapping your feet in and fit it with the natural position of your foot. When you’re shopping for best shoes for back pain men’s or women that will support your posture to alleviate back pain, the most-considerable thing is better arch support.

Choosing the right build material will have a significant role when you’re getting them for pain management. The best shoes for your back that have a breathable design will help your feet stay dry and keep your feet from making a smell. Avoid wearing the shoes that cause back pain instead of helping you alleviate it with proper arch support, shock, and impact resistance.

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