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The 10 Best Scrubs for Medical Professional

When it comes to choosing the best scrubs, here are a whole lot of features to consider before you try it on. The comfort of the scrubs, depends on its functionality, resistance, durability, technical specialties, breathability. There are two options to get the best scrubs for yourself.

Best Scrubs

You can lose your mind seeing thousands of options for scrubs while shopping online. Or, you can go with expert suggestions who are specialized in selecting the right scrubs for the job, which I’m here with! Choose THE BEST SCRUBS for Women with a combination of comfortable and functional purposes.

The 10 Best Scrubs: Find the right one from Amazon scrubs

The 10 Best Scrubs for Medical Professional

1. Best Scrubs Overall: Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform

This classy scrub set has every right to be the best in every aspect of medical scrubs. It’s manufactured with high-quality Cotton blended Poplin which is very comfortable to wear. You can easily wear it all day long and forget about the discomfort and itching you may find in other cheap scrubs.

With its high-quality elastic closure, professionals love to wear it for day-long works. No shrinkage or see through materials like some other cheap brands.

Considering the price point, it offers, the functionality of scrubs is way above expectations. You can wear it without worrying about gender orientation that is unisex. The unisex V neck design is perfect to get in or out easily. For extra functionality, the scrubs set comes with nifty pen holders in the shirt’s pocket, both on the chest pocket and the waist. Two side pockets on the pants that are designed as a double stack. It’s great attention to details for professionals who work day long.


  • You can get a unisex, full set of scrubs for an affordable price 
  • Comes in more than a dozen solid color designs including pink, gray, purple and blue
  • sizes ranging from X-small to 5X-large. 
  • bolstered by tons of positive user reviews by happy, repeat customers on Amazon

2. Best Scrubs with Pockets: Just Love Solid Stretch Scrub Set 6-Pocket

If you are a professional, work in pressure and need plenty of pockets in your scrubs, this is the one for you. There are 6 pockets in this scrub set; two pockets on the shirt in both right and left hand. It will enable you to use both hands for putting in and reaching medical equipment in them. Two slash pockets along with extra two cargo pockets are enough space for Cellphones, IV Caps, stationary, and other med-kits.

Medical scrubs need to be super comfortable, this set of scrubs gives you the ultimate freedom to move around comfortably. The set is made with stretchy and breathable fabric, 97% polyester and 7% spandex. It gives a buttery soft feeling to your body and eliminates any kind of restriction in work. The added benefit of this making of the scrubs is that it’s super lasting.

3. Best medical scrubs for plus size: WonderWink Women’s Plus Size Scrubs

It becomes a daunting job to find a perfect set of scrubs when it comes to finding a plus-size one. If you have been suffering from discomfort using non-plus size scrubs, this set will satisfy you. The design of this scrubs set is dedicated to serving you the most comfort without having to suffocate. The logo patch is attached to the left sleeve so that it doesn’t irritate you while working.WonderWink is another best scrubs for women.

The scrubs set plays multiple purposes as it comes with a bungee loop along with an elastic waist. The flared legs design lets you move around without sweating and irritation after wearing it for a long time. The side cuff vents and the V-neck collar take care of our upper body potion. It’s super adaptable with any type of washing method as well as there are tons of color variants.

4. Best Scrubs for Men: CHEROKEE Men’s Cargo Scrubs Pant

If you are a medical professional man and wondering what are the best men’s scrubs, this is the right pick for you. Cherokee is the best scrubs for men and makes the best medical wearables in the market for a really long time and satisfies customers. It comes with a Pull-On enclosure and a bungee loop to help yourself with fitting the pants.

These pants come with cargo pockets to carry medical equipment, cellphones, and any other thing. Pockets are carefully designed with a double layer for extra space in them. The fabric of this medical cargo Scrubs pant is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. You can wash it with a machine or any other way, it will last a really long time.

5. Best Scrubs for Doctors: CHEROKEE WW Professionals WW695

If you are a doctor and in need of scrubs, it’s all about professionalism and extra comfort. It gives you the utmost comfort and flexibility with the quality of both the fabric and making. You won’t have to worry about the build quality, because of its reinforced stitching. The attention to detail for functionality in this scrub acts as a surgical scrubs as well.

When it comes to carrying medical equipment, It allows you to carry medical equipment with 8 different pockets. So, Cherokee is best scrubs for doctors because this brand has affordable prices with traditional details, a modern fit and soft-to-the-touch fabric. There are two pockets at the back of the pants and two at the front along with the other two cargo pockets at the sides. For keeping your cell phone, personal gadgets, pen and others, there are three pockets on the shirt with separate pen holders.

6. Best nursing Scrubs: Just Love Women’s Scrub Sets

If you are a doctor and in need of scrubs, it’s all about professionalism and extra comfort. It gives you the utmost comfort and flexibility with the quality of both the fabric and making. You won’t have to worry about the build quality, because of its reinforced stitching. The attention to detail in this scrub looks after your comfort as well. Just Love is also one of the best scrubs for women.

When it comes to carrying medical equipment, It allows you to carry medical equipment with 8 different pockets. There are two pockets at the back of the pants and two at the front along with the other two cargo pockets at the sides. For keeping your cell phone, personal gadgets, pen and others, there are three pockets on the shirt with separate pen holders.

7. Best scrubs for sweating: FIGS Casma Three-Pocket Scrub

Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals who have excessive sweating problems face a lot of problems in the clinic. However, in order to keep you safe from sweating and give you a soothing, comfortable feeling, Figs scrubs come into play. FION Technology and the moisture-wicking properties in the fabric helps you keep out of sweating for  extra period of time

The other regular scrubs features are all present in this scrub as well. Functionalities like extra cargo pockets, professional appearance, modern V-Neck and so many other features are there to keep you on the go. All the stitches are wrinkle-proof and tailored fit will ensure extra durability and machine washing capability.

8. Best Cherokee scrubs: CHEROKEE Men’s Originals Cargo Scrubs Pant

Cherokee is one of the most famous medical scrubs manufacturers who have a very big reputation in the business. Cherokee is mostly known for its professional touches on their medical scrubs and super versatile functionality. Now, if you are looking for the best one among the Cherokee scrubs pants, this is the one for you. With thousands of positive reviews, it speaks for itself about the comfort, functionalities and other amenities.

If you have been trying scrubs brands, try this out and get amazed with the buttery soft feeling! It will also give you extra longevity to last you long with beautifully stitched high-quality cotton and polyester fabric. It has multiple cargo pockets to carry all your medical equipment, cell phones, and other gadgets. Its rise is designed for men’s natural height and comes with a functional zip fly.

9. Best Scrubs for medical students: Cherokee Originals Unisex V-Neck Scrubs Shirt

This unisex V-neck top has one chest pocket and two patch pockets. Side vents. Center back length 29 inch. he material is thick and stiff. After 2 washes, the top did get softer but is still somewhat stiff.

10. Best Maternity Scrubs: Cherokee Women’s Maternity Mock Wrap Scrubs Shirt

It has an adjustable drawstring, empire waist and soft stretchy knit side panels. this scrub looks very professional. These maternity styles are designed to support and flatter using your current size, so no need to size up. The best part is that Cherokee maternity scrubs are the best scrubs for women and are designed to fit in the same size as your other Cherokee uniforms. When ordering Cherokee Maternity styles, remember to order your pre-pregnancy size. Center back length- 27

* Best Scrubs for men (bonus): Dickies Men’s Scrubs

Unisex scrub tops tend to have plunging necklines. Sometime most men would not like that at all but, some women may like that. Dickies Men’s Scrubs has V-line cut with a more conservative neckline, and in addition, pleats in back, plus a hanging tab on the back yoke. And also you will get the two pockets on the front and a pen pocket on the left chest in Dickies Men’s Scrubs. VERY nice scrubs, with good pockets and another best scrubs for men.

Why do doctors wear scrubs?

Scrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers involved in patient care in hospitals. Using a scrub as a medical uniform in the medical profession is severely important, there are tons of benefits of using medical scrubs. Here are some of the most important once:

1.Adequate protection from bodily fluids

Medical professionals have to deal with patients who have wounds and diseases that are dangerous to come in contact with. Some of the patients need extra care with proper protection from their bodily fluid as well. Medical scrubs are made with high-quality fabrics that are thick enough to protect the professional from the fluid and blood. It protects nurses, doctors and other medical professionals from Infectious Diseases that are spread with the bodily fluid of the patients.

2. Scrubs are efficient

Medical scrubs are economically efficient when it comes to cost, service, longevity, and maintenance. You can find high-quality scrubs in an affordable budget and it will last you a really long time. They come with multiple amenities to help you at service without having to run around. The scrubs are sturdy yet comfortable to wear for a long time and perfect for machine wash and repeated usage.

3.Comfort while movement

Medical professionals need to move around a lot, with that need in action, they want comfortable wearables while at work. They keep you comfortable while working for a long period of time in a stressful work environment like a clinic. For best comfortable scrubs with added benefits and functionalities, make sure you compare all the options in your budget. Visit the Amazon Best Sellers: Best Medical Uniforms & Scrubs page to get the best ideas on it.

4.Medical functionalities

Medical scrubs are designed to give you the utmost functionality and freedom while working with patients. If you need to carry IV syringes, stethoscopes, cell phones, medical gadgets, and other possible things, it will help you. Scrubs are basically designed with multiple pockets and other added functionalities that are important for medical professionals. Scrubs protect medical professionals from regular exposure to harmful pathogens.

5.Identifies you as a healthcare professional

A medical scrub will help you stand out and get recognized as a medical professional. Being a medical professional, you need extra amenities sometimes, such as running for an emergency or looking after a patient. If you are wearing a professional medical scrub, it will help you stand out in the crowd.


Scrubs are worn by medical workers in a variety of settings, and also the majority of healthcare workers and support staff in hospitals, veterinary or other places. In many hospitals, the color of scrubs helps distinguish between patient care departments, such as an emergency room, pediatrics, and labor and delivery.

  • Male nursing scrub – Male nursing scrubs have masculine styling and coloring, wider shoulders – most men prefer wearing scrubs that are ideal for a male’s body shape, which provides comfort accordingly.
  • Female nursing scrub – Female scrubs come in feminine styles. They’re also narrower in the shoulders, while they’re trimmer in the waist and wider in the hips.

Medical Scrubs Buying guide

Getting medical scrubs can be a daunting job if you don’t know what you are looking for. Here are some of the key features and benefits that you must look for in a medical scrub:


You need to wear your medical scrub for a really long time every day. Make sure you are getting the best comfortable outfit for your work.


Pockets in a medical scrub help you carry essential medical supplies like IV Caps, stationary, med-kits and other personal accessories like Cell phones. So, have a look if the scrubs have enough stationery and cargo pockets to keep you going.

Pregnancy compatibility

If you are a pregnant woman and a medical professional, you must get a Plus-size scrubs that can easily fit you in. It has to have an adjustable body fitting and fairly elastic or band waist to keep you comfortable.

Body compatibility

If you have any complications in your body, take that into account before buying a medical scrub.  If you sweat a lot, make sure the scrub is designed to be sweatproof, such as the FIGS Casma Three-Pocket Scrub


Medical scrubs are usually made sturdy and thick in order to keep you on the run for a long time. However, some scrubs are not just sturdy enough to survive a few washes along the way. Make sure the scrub you are getting has the capability to survive you a really long time of machine wash.


V-necked scrub tops provide excellent comfort but don’t choose tops in which the V-neck plunges a bit too deeply. Over-exposure isn’t a good thing, if you aren’t wearing a T-shirt or other type of clothing under your scrub’s top.

Fabric for medical scrubs

Microfiber is the best fabric for medical scrubs. When it comes to durability and lasting quality of uniform scrubs, the appropriate fabrics are a major player. Microfiber is an amazing choice when designing a scrub set. MIcrofiber has unique wicking capabilities, which ‘wicks’ moisture away from the skin. It also made of stronger materials than cotton.


Surgical scrubs are disposable because scrubs are exposed with chemicals and bodily fluids during surgical procedures.

Surgical scrubs usually consist of lighter material, are sterile, and are comfortably loose to provide the surgeon with plenty of freedom of movement.


What are the best medical scrubs brands?

Declaring the best medical scrub- scrub uniforms depends on the type of work you do and the type of body you have. The over-sweating tendency, Pregnancy and other complications takes the dilemma even farther. The lists for the best scrub brands are: amazon scrubs

  • Cherokee.
  • Dickies.
  • Grey’s Anatomy.
  • IguanaMed.
  • Koi.

Which dryer option is best for medical scrubs?

If a medical scrub has 65% cotton and 35% polyester in it, you can machine wash it with warm water. For drying, you can use a regular heat dryer on the scrub.

What is the best fabric to use for medical scrubs?

At least 65% cotton with 35% polyester in a medical scrubs makes it the ideal fabric for medical scrubs. It’s ideal for better durability and longevity for a scrub.

Where is the best site to sell medical scrubs?

If you are selling new and regular medical scrubs, is the best way to go with it. However, if you are trying to sell your used scrubs, you can go with craigslist, as always.

Why do scrubs have V necks?

There are several reasons why medical scrubs have V-neck design, such as you can take it off or put it on easily.  If it has V-neck, you can wear it even if you are a little oversized person. It’s ideal for medical workplaces that need identical design and aesthetics to the wearables, the V-neck design brings that in.

Bottom line

A medical scrub is highly important if you’re a medical professional, as a doctor, nurse or even a genitor. It sets you apart from the other people who come to the clinic and walk around. A scrub can keep you safe from Cross-contamination and other dangers that are found in a medical area. You can never thank yourself enough to get through a bit of hassle to find the best medical scrubs. I hope the best medical scrubs reviews and the buying guide helped you find the best scrubs you want in your budget. Best of luck for your next shopping trip and stay fit and well at work!

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