Do Detox Foot Bath Really Works?


Foot Baths for your feet exists in different types and scales. You will see on the market relaxing foot bath which essentially are aimed at getting the pain and fatigue out of your feet. These foot bath are usually associated with warm water where the bubble jet activate the water to make your feet feel much better after a 15 to 20-minutes soak.

There are also what we call the Detox Foot Bath. These Foot Bath ranges in price from 100 to 250.00 depending on the brand, the features and its effectiveness. The detox foot bath have been actually increasing in popularity in the last 5 to 10 years mainly because of its long term effect. The bottom line is, do detox foot bath really work?

What are Ionic Foot Bath?

What are Ionic Foot Bath?
What are Ionic Foot Bath?

Detox foot bath are basins that work to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. The ionic foot baths are the foot bath used to remove those toxins.  Ionic foot baths are often used in holistic health centers and spas to aid in detoxification. These spas claim these machines eliminate toxins from the body. No through assessment have been conducted expressing the opposite.

A study in Canada led by naturopath and researcher Deborah Kennedy, from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, was conducted in order to see if detox foot bath really work?. In this proof-of-principle study, they sought to measure the release of potentially toxic elements from ionic footbaths into distilled and tap water with and without feet.

Ionic Foot Bath Assessment Set Up

For this assessment, researchers used a Ionic Foot Bath called the Ion Cleanse SOLO. It is sold on the market and people can buy it anywhere.

The components of the Ion Cleanse ionic foot bath are simple. They include the SOLO device, an array, a power cord, plastic foot tub liners, and a plastic foot tub container. It has a single pre-set program to generate a 70/30 mix of positive/negative polarity in a standard 30-minute. Finally, the Ion-Cleanse SOLO footbath was set up according to the manufacturer’s instructions without feet in the tub.

We should also add the assessment was conducted with distilled and tap water to get a more accurate read.

Conduct of the Detox Foot Bath Study

When the study took place, it was conducted in two phases. the first phase was foot bath sessions without feet in it using distilled water as the source. Then, it was followed by foot bath sessions without feet but using tap water this as the source.

In the second phase, the foot bath sessions took place with feet in the basin using tap water and distiulled water. 

For all foot baths conducted within the day, throughout the study, a 105L container was used as a consistent water source. Participants placed their washed feet into the pre-filled foot tub and the SOLO device turned on. At the 30-minute session, participants removed their feet from the foot bath. The foot bath water was stirred and a sample taken and labeled.

At the end of the day, all samples were collected and couriered to the laboratory. The array was removed from the foot bath and rinsed with clean water. Once the visible residue was removed, a disinfectant was sprayed on the array as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Several minutes later, the array was rinsed and dried with a clean towel.

In this research, they tested the application of the Ion Cleanse SOLO ionic foot bath across the lifespan of an array amongst six individuals. Each participant was exposed to four footbath sessions.

The laboratory analysis consisted of water, hair, and urine analyses performed at the CanAlt Health Laboratory Inc. The analyses were performed using a Inductively Coupled Plasma Source Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS)

Findings of the Detox Foot Bath Study

The findings were very conclusive. There were no real trace of Potentially Toxic Element (PTE) in the urine, hair or water that were analysed. Furthermore, this study revealed there were no evidence suggesting ionic foot baths enhance the elimination of toxic elements in the body whether it is from hair, urine or feet.

This study was not aimed at discouraging anybody from buying the product or any other ionic foot bath. While unlikely to cause harm or result in any increased uptake, the use of ionic footbaths may release minute quantities of PTEs in a water environment.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to submit them and we hope this article was helpful in your choice of buying an ionic foot bath or not.

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