You will always be indebted to deep sleep – Agree or disagree!

Because important physiological processes occur during the mysterious and restorative powers of deep sleep. Our research-based article on how to get deep sleep with fibromyalgia will be discussed with evidence.

How to Get Deep Sleep With Fibromyalgia

“My Skin Hurt Always” it was my complain and the pain was everywhere. My fibromyalgia started many years ago and I didn’t know it. My left leg began to hurt so much after exercising or swimming and I suddenly became so fatigued I could hardly think.

And my skin! The only way I could describe it was.. it felt like I was sunburned and the slightest touch would hurt. At the same time, I had terrible problems staying asleep. I woke up every hour.

 I just sit on the porch in the middle of the night when nobody’s around and cry because I’m so tired of the pain.

So, how to get deep sleep with fibromyalgia?

The combination of chronic pain and sleep disorder (disturbance) is a double-edged sword for people with fibromyalgia. Sleep and pain are intricately linked.

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# 8 Hidden dangers due to lack of deep sleep

A deficit in sleep hints and point to deficits in work performance

  1. Increase the risk for obesity -Without deep sleep, you will gain an unhealthy amount of weight.
  2. Increase anxiety and depression-Without sound sleep, you’re more likely to get sick, feel depressed lack of sound sleep is the main culprit of depression, anxiety and increases insomnia. Anxiety increases agitation and stress.
  3. Slow Processing speed Sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT): A lack of sleeping results in slower multitask processing, cognitive and social processing.
  4. Increase risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the inflammatory flare response in the skin.
  5. Face the problems with memory, and difficulty concentrating (driving).
  6. No more Multitasking of brain— an inescapable bane of managerial work — becomes inactive
  7. Lack of quality sleep increase Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and stroke
  8. Can’t encounter and process information: Without enough sleep, the brain can’t convert information process to your memory.

Deep sleep, restore our physical and mental state. Unfortunately, our access to deep sleep is also vulnerable to the effects of stress, sleep disruption, and use many unauthorized drugs. Many people dealing with financial pressure, sleep apnea, stress, dreaming of famous in social media.

Fibromyalgia and nightmares

In one study, under the University of Washington, Department of Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems researchers suggested that such sleep disruption may play an important role in the development of fibromyalgia symptoms. How does fibromyalgia affect your sleep? physical pain, insomnia, daytime fatigue, tendon pain disrupted sleep. And most of the cases all people with fibromyalgia experience some form of sleep problem.

# 22 million Americans: And Rest of the world

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2008 Sleep in America poll, those who sleep less than 6 hours per night on workdays are significantly more likely to be obese than those who sleep 8 hours or more (41% vs. 28%). Source-

People who sleep less than 6 hours per night during the workweek are twice as likely as their better-rested colleagues to report difficulty in concentrating.

Sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, have become a significant health issue in the United States. It is estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, with 80 percent of the cases of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea undiagnosed. Source- ›

 What percent of the US population has sleep apnea?

An estimated 22 Million Americans suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea. Current US population is 326 million people: 10% have mild obstructive sleep apnea (AHI>5) Source-

 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders. Approximately 3-7% of men and 2-5% of women have sleep apnea. Source-

# Interesting information:

The drug gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) – which increase in deep sleep was once used by body builders. With the help of GHB, it releases growth hormone. Growth hormone promotes cell repair in adults after weight training. In the past GHB was freely available as a supplement. Unfortunately, this drug was misused. It is now tightly controlled and available only by prescription for treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy.

What are the Infinite benefits of deep sleep?

# Psychological benefits of deep sleep

We can conquest Moon, but what we can’t do is turn back the clock on aging, or eliminate life’s ubiquitous stressors.

 We can also have a deep sleep to regenerate new cell

  1. Increases Glucose metabolism in the brain helps cell regeneration
  2. Support short-term and long-term memory and cognitive learning process.
  3. Encounter and process information for the brain for new learning the next day.
  4. Human growth hormone triggers when pituitary gland secretes hormones during sleep time.
  5. In addition, sleep deprivation takes a toll on decision-making ability.
  6. Increasing blood supply to muscles and energy restoration
  7. Promote and repair of tissues and bones
  8. Strengthening the immune system

The power of Naps
Brief day-time naps can be helpful to try to doze for 10 to 20 minutes. You could energize rather than groggy. 

“Power naps are real and help you feel refreshed, but keep the naps short,” says Dr. O’Brien.

With a longer nap (30 minutes), you’re likely to wake up while in deep sleep and feel worse than before.

Sleep apnea and fibromyalgia

  • Is there a link between obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome?
  • Is there a connection between fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Worldwide, over 100 million people suffer from sleep apnea.

Fibromyalgia and abnormal sleep breathing (Sleep apnea ) commonly go together. Fibromyalgia is a medical syndrome that causes widespread pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints as well as sleep problems and chronic daytime fatigue.

What the Experts And Researchers say

John Cline Ph.D.
John Cline Ph.D.

The most important hours of your day may occur when you’re not even conscious.”
John Cline Ph.D.



 Dr. James O’Brien, Medical Director Of The Boston SleepCare Center In Waltham
Dr. James O’Brien, Medical Director Of The Boston SleepCare Center In Waltham

 “Sleep is not a luxury, It’s a necessity for optimal functioning,” says Dr. James O’Brien, medical director of the Boston SleepCare Center in Waltham, Mass. Source Image:


Dr. Gandis Mazeika, Head Of Sleep Medicine
Dr. Gandis Mazeika, Head Of Sleep Medicine

When you’re trying to understand the subtext of what someone is saying, your brain needs to use a bunch of programs at the same time,” “If you’re sleep deprived, that’s hard to do.” says Dr. Gandis Mazeika, head of Sleep Medicine Northwest in Seattle.


Natural sleep aid for fibromyalgia

if you want to induce drowsiness and improve sleep patterns, then Melatonin is a natural hormone that’s available as an over-the-counter supplement.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a building block of serotonin. Serotonin is a powerful brain chemical, and serotonin levels are thought to play a significant role in fibromyalgia Amazon link-

Best sleeping position for fibromyalgia

Side sleeping is the best solution. Most Fibromyalgia pain occurs in tender spots throughout the body, creates pressure on those tender points. Side sleeping can reduce and minimize pain while sleeping. The fetal position is the best way to reduce pain in the shoulders, lower back, chest, and back of knees.

Fibromyalgia and Sleep paralysis

 People with fibromyalgia are more likely to have sleep paralysis.The causes of sleep paralysis is a lack of sleep. Sleep paralysis involves a disruption or fragmentation of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep cycle.

Fibromyalgia and sleep medications

Zolpidem (Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo) is commonly used as a sleep aid in people with fibromyalgia

These medicines slow down the nervous system. Zolpidem will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It may also improve restless leg syndrome.Treatments: Pregabalin; MilnacipranMedications for Treating Fibro | Fibromyalgia |

How Dangerous is Sleep Paralysis: Why is sleeping necessary for fibromyalgia patients?

 People with fibromyalgia are more likely to have sleep paralysis. Patients with fibromyalgia have a tenfold increase in sleep-disordered breathing and sleep apnea.

Why is sleep paralysis so scary?

 If sleep paralysis routinely prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep, it can be terrifying for you.

 You can try –

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4. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Travel & Storage Bag

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5. Blue Emu Original Analgesic Cream

Blue Emu reliefs fibromyalgia pain, arthritis pain relief, muscle and joint pain. The Blue Emu Original Analgesic Cream widely used for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, joint pain, joint swelling, tendonitis, and sore muscles.

Before going to sleep you can apply. After messaging the product penetrates your skin, where the oleic and linoleic acid are supposed to work to remove the pain.

6. Topricin FIBRO Pain Relieving Cream 

It is recommended by doctors and pharmacists.  massage it into your skin before sleep. 

One of the primary reasons of having fibromyalgia pain is irregular sleeping. When anyone is going to bed very late, it may increase or boost the pain. Some patients may have continuous problems even though they sleep full night tightly. REM sleep or deep sleep is out of the dictionary of fibromyalgia. So, it would be best if you retrieved the regular cycle of sleeping.

It’s like pre-medication of staying away from fibromyalgia. It would help if you practiced sleeping at the correct time. Make a schedule and start following this. Set the alarm to wake up early in the morning and try to go to bed as soon as possible. This can reduce the stress and pain of fibromyalgia.

There can be many health issues in our body unless we are not well-disciplined and aware of those issues. We feel pain when anything wrong happens to the muscle or happens any accidents. Fibromyalgia is a relative term to this kind of pain. There are lots of contradictions spread about this topic. Is fibromyalgia real or not – you are going to learn about this in the rest of the article. I will also show you some recommended fibromyalgia curing products for the betterment.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Oops! This word may seem new to many of us. What is Fibromyalgia?

Well. Fibromyalgia is a widespread syndrome that affects the body. It is a long-term or chronic disorder. You will feel pain and mental distress when you become a patient of Fibromyalgia. Almost 4% of people can have this painful disease (according to It is connected to the pain in the muscles, bones, tender areas, and any general fatigue.

The signs of fibromyalgia-like these are entirely subjective. You need to do fibromyalgia tests to identify Fibromyalgia. The reason behind this, there is not firmly visible causes of it. This is why sometimes mistreatment happens with fibromyalgia patient. Things get worse due to injury. Even it can be misdiagnosed. Due to these reasons, it has been a myth, whether it possible or not.

However, fibromyalgia is indeed a real problem to health. In the latter part of the article, you will get to know this more.

What are the most severe symptoms of fibromyalgia-Symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia trigger points or tender points are the central regions where you can feel the fibromyalgia pain. These trigger points are such areas in our body where a poke of the finger can cause pain. However, these areas almost remain unused to diagnose fibromyalgia syndrome. In these days, doctors use sets of symptoms to identify the pain of this disorder. However, when you have this, you will feel continuous pain in those tender points.

Here are some notable severe symptoms of this painful problem:

  1. Widespread pain, all over the body
  2. Pain in the jaws
  3. Stiffness
  4. Irregular pain in face muscles
  5. Pain near fibrous tissues
  6. Joints and muscles stiffness in the early morning
  7. Mild to severe headaches
  8. Problems with sleeping patterns (ex. insomnia or hypersomnia)
  9. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  10. Pain during menstrual periods
  11. Numbness and tingling in different
  12. Restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  13. Inability to focus on something
  14. Draining fatigue
  15. Heat or cold sensitivity
  16. Memory weakness or Fibro-fog

These below can also be minor symptoms of having chronic fatigue syndrome:

  • Problems in the eyes
  • Problems in the pelvic and urinary system
  • Unnecessary weight gain
  • Sleepy or dizziness
  • Nausea, breathing issues
  • Skin diseases
  • Nervousness, depression, anxiety

However, all of the above symptoms can happen with anyone of any age. However, reports show people around 40-45 years age can have fibromyalgia symptoms.

Definition of Trigger Points:

Earlier, you have got a new term, “trigger points.” I am making it easier to understand this term in details. Trigger points or tender points are the region or source from where you can get fibromyalgia pain. There are almost 18 known tender points of a fibromyalgia diagnosis. Among them, patients experience at least 11 trigger points where they feel an extreme level of anxiety for a long time. Frontal and back, both sides have these points.

These are the areas of fibromyalgia trigger points:

  • The backside of your head
  • Top or upper shoulders
  • Upper chest
  • Outer elbows
  • Hips
  • Knees

However, doctors do not depend on these trigger points nowadays. When you visit them, they will ask you about the condition of the pain. They diagnose the disease by knowing the duration of the pain. If it is around three months and no significant identification or hard to find anything notable, then the doctor will treat it as fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Causes:

As it is not a natural condition of our health, there should be causes of fibromyalgia. However, the exciting thing is, doctors haven’t been able to find remarkable objects. In some researches, it’s found that there is a distinct interaction among the physical, neurobiological and psychological factors. We feel the pain as long as we have emotions and moods. If you go under extreme depression or anxiety, the pain can be the worst. As a result, you will have a stressful life.

When any limb of our body gets damages or injuries; we feel the pain. This is a general idea. However, in the case of fibromyalgia, it’s entirely different. No direct damage to the limbs can be the cause of this disease. It depends on the brain and our nervous system, which process pain from the trigger points. However, you have to keep in mind, and this pain is as real as we live. As we can’t see any visible causes, we think we can’t cure or find it unreal. However, pain is sometimes more sensitive than any physical pressure.

Let’s know a brief description of the causes of fibromyalgia:

  • Accidental Causes of Trauma: Any stressful event; can be traumatic physical or any emotion event. Example, an accident on the road (car, bike, etc.)
  • Infections: Infections from other diseases or long-time illnesses can boost the fibromyalgia. Even they can make the symptoms worse.
  • Genetics: Many families have been identical to run fibromyalgia from parents to the kids. Genetic mutations can be a source of your fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, the genes having the properties of this disease haven’t yet identified.
  • Stress: Stressful life is always pathetic whenever you have this. Stress can cause chronic fatigue to run for a long time, months to years. Hormonal disturbances can cause stresses which lead to this painful era.

Central nervous system or CNS errors, repetitive injuries, any rheumatoid arthritis, etc. are also the causes of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Diet:

Aiming for a balanced diet can reduce the pain of fibromyalgia. This diet plan has all the foods containing necessary antioxidants, amino acids, coenzyme, glycemic index, and anti-inflammatory vegetables. These foods will give you instant energy and stamina to move forward. Don’t eat foods that can trigger the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Here are some foods list you should include in the fibromyalgia diet plan:

  • For antioxidants, you should consume these foods: Kidney beans, chocolate (dark), pecans, artichokes (boiled), cilantro, berries, etc.
  • Red meat, poultry and fish items, dairy food, soybeans are rich in amino acids
  • Coenzymes are mostly available in different organ means such as heart, liver, kidney, and other foods such as beef, sardines, peanuts, etc.  
  • Eat fruits having a low glycemic index which are apples, berries, peaches, citrus, etc.
  • Spinach, arugula, collard green, kale, etc. keeps inflammation away.

Avoid these kinds of foods that won’t help in fibromyalgia pain. Instead, they will increase the duration of facing the disorder. Here are some of them: cheesy foods such as burger, pasta, bread, and muffins, cakes, cereals (boxed), candy, etc.

Does fibromyalgia get worse at night?

People with fibromyalgia tend to wake up with body pain and stiffness. For some people, pain improves during the day and gets worse at night. Pain may get worse with: Physical activity. Fibromyalgia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

How do I fight fibromyalgia fatigue?

Here are some strategies that may help you reduce your fatigue:

  1. Identify your triggers and take action.
  2. Exercise regularly and positive thinking about life
  3. Aiming for a balanced diet can reduce the pain of fibromyalgia .
  4. Try to live a relax life and create a relaxing bedtime routine.
  5. Stay away from stress and overthinking.

Does resting Help Fibromyalgia?

This lack of restorative deep sleep can help to explain the fatigue, physical pain, and “brain fog” that so many people with fibromyalgia experience. Exercise is considered one of the most important therapies for managing fibromyalgia. Here’s The Latest On How To Tackle Fibromyalgia Sleep Problems

Fibromyalgia and sleeping too much

For people with fibromyalgia, the combination of pain and sleep disturbance is a double-edged sword: the pain makes sleep more difficult and sleep deprivation exacerbates pain. … Medical researchers have long sought to clarify the association between sleep disturbance and pain.Fibromyalgia & Sleep – National Sleep Foundation

Fibromyalgia and sleeping all-day

This constant reaction to pain signals in your nerves can make you lethargic and exhausted. Most people with fibromyalgia also have trouble sleeping (insomnia). You may have problems falling or staying asleep, or you may still feel exhausted after waking up.Feb 21, 2019Fibromyalgia Fatigue: What Causes It and Tips for Management

The research was taken from Dr.Gandis G Mazeika MD

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