Pulse oximetry readings can be affected by

Today Pulse oximeter is a crucial part of every healthcare facility as well as emergency health transportation services. Through the use of pulse oximetry, oxygenation can be monitored easily  The oxygen level in blood not only helps with monitoring the condition of lungs in a person but increasing and decreasing readings also serves as an indication of a condition most dangerous in nature. A large number of times, readings with an oximeter even serve as lifesaving signals.

We will discuss FACTORS THAT COULD AFFECT Pulse oximetry readings

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Pulse oximetry readings can be affected by-factors

There are some health conditions that can lead to inaccurate readings; Like-

  • patients with unreliable carboxyhemoglobin readings, methemoglobinemia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemias and anemia will always have wrong readings.
  • pigmentations and dyes on skin that can also affect the readings of pulse oximeter. 
  • Lights can also affect the readings of a pulse oximeter
  • The presence of any sort of radiated lights like infrared or ultraviolet can interrupt on the reading.
  • Fake fingernails might affect the readings in addition to nail polish colors as they are pigmentations and act as a hindrance for the probes and sensors.
  • the rapid movement of patients like the tremors of Parkinsonism, seizures or even shivering, may lead to an inaccurate reading.
  • Wrong placement of probes and compression

Pulse oximeter readings chart

pulse oximeter readings chart

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