Circulation Problems – Revitive Circulation Booster Review 2023


We have previously looked at what can cause circulation problems in your feet or legs. The fact and the matter is that circulation problems to our feet can happen to anyone of us. Young or old, it can still happen. There is no age group where these problems can occur. Circulation problems can lead to more complex issues to your legs and feet.

As mentioned before, strong blood flow to your feet will distribute the nutrients and enable the rejection of toxic waste of your cells. A steady blood flow minimizes the intake of refined carbohydrates and damaged fats.

Circulation Problems? REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster can help

REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster - Actively Increases Circulation, Relieve Tired, Aching, Heavy Feeling Foot and Leg Pains - See If You Can Walk Farther in Just 6-8 Weeks.
REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster - Actively Increases Circulation, Relieve Tired, Aching, Heavy Feeling Foot and Leg Pains - See If You Can Walk Farther in Just 6-8 Weeks.

Introducing in the Revitive circulation booster family, the REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster . The Revitive IX is a medical device designed to increase leg circulation. Like the Revitive Circulation Booster, LV3 , it uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the muscles in your lower legs and feet to help counteract stasis and help maintain healthy legs.

It has 99 intensity levels. With this amount of intensity levels, Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster is a circulation booster that will appeal to everyone.

In addition, this Revitive Booster has 15 variable waveforms. These waveforms have each a different pattern to allow the muscles to contract better each time you use the circulation booster.

By placing your bare feet on each of the footpads, therapeutic electrical impulses stimulate the nerve endings on the soles of your feet. Those impulses are the Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS, that REVITIVE refers to as being the key to a better circulation flow. This causes the contraction and relaxation of muscles in the lower legs. This action is clinically proven to increase circulation.


The Revitive booster has a unique feature named the IsoRocker a patent-pending device. The IsoRocker has electrical pulses that cause the calf muscles to tense up in a gentle manner and revert to a relaxation mode. When this occurs, the Revitive Booster rocks back and forth.


This action promotes ankle and foot movement. This movement back and forth allows a greater stimulation of the foot and calf muscles. A greater blood blow is produced with the movement, which is an improvement on the previous Revitive models.

The remote control is also a great tool to control settings and the power switch from the sitting position without bending down to activate.


Features of the REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster

Here is a look at some of the features of the booster

  • Circulation Booster
  • EMS
  • T.E.N.S
  • Legs
  • Medical Device

Which Revitive is the Right One for Me?

Figuring out which circulation booster you will need can be easy. We have produced a table below for you to see which REVITIVE will be suited to your needs. We've compared the REVITIVE IX and the REVITIVE MEDIC. The REVITIVE MEDIC is the latest model REVITIVE has on the market. This new model is called REVITIVE MEDIC that treats osteoporosis among seniors particularly and also people suffering from diabetes.

REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster Revitive Medic Circulation Booster
REVITIVE is suitable for:Poorer circulation
  1. A sedentary lifestyle
  2. Leg pain and cramps
Poorer circulation
  1. A sedentary lifestyle
  2. Leg pain and cramps
Find out now howPoor Mobility
  1. OsteoArthritis
  2. Diabetes
Intensity levels1-991-99
IsoRockerStandardAll-New Design
Stimulation Waveforms1515
Toe-touch control-Yes
Remote controlYesYes
Angled inclineYesYes
Class II medical productYesYes
Standard warranty2 years2 years

* IMPORTANT UPDATE *** One update we should point out is that the REVITIVE LV is not available from REVITIVE, anymore. They have a newer product out called REVITIVE MEDIC which is aimed at people with osteoporosis and other bone issues. So if you see any REVITIVE LV still being sold, keep in mind it has been discontinued by REVITIVE.

People's Opinion of the Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster

In general, this product is ranking very well for circulation problems in feet and lower legs. For people who had swollen ankles and feet, they had remarkable progress after using the Revitive IX for a few weeks. Most of the people who acquired the Revitive IX had progressed after only two weeks of use at three times a day. They felt less numbness and were more active.

It is a product that is safe to use for diabetes. It will actually help them because the blood flow will be activated and the swelling of the ankles will be reduced.

People with cellulitis have greatly benefited from the Revitive IX. Just with a daily session of 20 minutes, these people have felt great because of the circulation improvement. Others with arthritis in their knees resulting in stiffness and swelling in their ankles have felt much better after using Revitive IX. Using the Revitive IX, for 6 weeks has brought a vast improvement in the swelling and has cut the pain in their knees by 50%.

Also noted by some people who used the Revitive IX was the reduction in the swelling post surgeries. It alleviated the use of medications and people felt better in general from the blood flow.

The price is very affordable in the low to mid $200.00 range for what the Revitive IX offers. This product is strongly recommended if you have circulation problems, swollen ankles or legs or just pain in your feet.

Our Review on the REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster

Our Review on the REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster
Our Review on the REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster

In general, the REVITIVE IX Circulation booster has performed very well. The factors we assessed the REVITIVE IX were the build of the machine, its design, its functionality, the result felt, overall cost and warranty. A clinically proven circulation booster, the REVITIVE IX did very well on the built and design aspects. In addition, we were quite surprised on the EMS transmitted and the effect it generated throughout our feet and legs. The IsoRocker gave it a full range for the Electrical Stimulation (EMS) to do its thing, which is promoting circulation.

We thought the price was a bit high but the quality of the product from REVITIVE could warrant why it is a bit pricey. The remote control addition is a nice touch and the circulation booster can be activated while sitting comfortably. In my view, this is where REVITIVE IX gets the buy-in from customers looking to improve their legs and feet circulation comfortably.

The circulation booster sits nicely on the floor, but I could recommend you put it on a floor mat of some kind to avoid any slippage. The rocking motion is not extreme so it shouldn't be slipping under you. The other thing is the fact that it is not based on vibration like many other circulation boosters, the device won't be vibrating away from you.

Also on the plus side, the 99 intensity levels at our disposition and the 15 variations of waveforms sent to our feet were a big advantage. We felt like we had the full control of the intensity we wanted to get that perfect EMS stimulation going. When using it for a period of 20 to 30 minutes during a few days, we noticed that the little pain in our legs (calf muscles) was gone

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