Ways to Revitalize Your Aging Feet


Like any body parts our feet get old leading to other health complications resulting in physical limitations. In order to remedy the situation, you can always revitalize your aging feet utilizing different methods.

What Causes Our Feet to Age?

Throughout the years our feet get a lot of abuse without even noticing it. The constant pressure and weight endured can make them prone to injuries and fatigue. You might aw well add to these foot problems, the creation of microorganisms, and infections which may spread through your whole body.

What Causes Our Feet to Age?
What Causes Our Feet to Age?

Since our feet are often taken for granted, finding the required preventive care can be cumbersome. On many occasions, it is up to us to find the solutions addressing the required preventive care. As we go along through life, this preventive care must focus on issues such as: poor circulation, muscle and bone aches, and infections originating bacteria's and fungi.

Composition of our Feet

Composition of our Feet
Composition of our Feet

When we age, our feet have a tendency to lose this fatty protection, we've come accustomed to. Coupled with photo-aging, your skin on your feet becomes wrinkled and lose its natural elasticity. Your soft skin you felt when you were rubbing your feet at 20, is much more leathery and rough. This process give your feet an undesirable appearance while depreciating your health overall.

Scientists and doctors have experimented and discovered natural agents to revitalize aging feet. They emanate from essential oils and extracts from various plants. Eucalyptus is a perfect example. These agents contribute greatly in energizing and protecting our older feet. With protected healthy feet comes a better sense of well-being and the need to be more active even happy. As you get older, it turns out to be more important. A younger and healthier appearance will also block any potential infections and illnesses.

Exfoliating your feet can help your feet immensely while giving your feet the soft and silky skin you want. You can find this article, we published on exfoliating your feet a few months ago, which could benefit you greatly.

If you look at the structure and composition of your feet, you'll be amazed to know it encompasses 25% of all the body's bones. In addition, to cover these bones, the thickest layer of skin can be found on your feet. Think of your feet as the shock absorbers, the propulsion and the wheels of your car. A lot of stress is demanded from your feet daily.

Despite the fact, your feet have a generous layer of skin and a substantial amount of padding, they are also vulnerable and sensitive. You see, the soles of your feet consist of a lot of pressure-sensitive nerves. Actually, they have the most pressure-sensitive nerves than the rest of the whole body. Finally, these tactile nerve endings also occupy more room in the sensory cortex of the brain than the entire torso.

Revitalize Your Aging Feet With This Preventive Care List

Below are some important information you will need to know in order to revitalize your aging feet.

Aging Feet Information
  • While the foot is one of the most widely utilized parts of the body, most of us neglect proper foot care.
  • The feet are not only subjected to tremendous mechanical stress, they must also resist fungal and bacterial infections, ultraviolet-light exposure, dehydration, and everyday aches and pains.
  • Natural substances such as essential oils, herbal essences, antioxidants, and plant-derived fatty acids can help your feet look and feel younger.
  • Eucalyptus oil and menthol will cool and soothe foot discomfort while promoting a clean and fresh feeling.
  • Tea-derived antioxidants fight free radical-induced damage caused by toxins and maintain youthful skin structure and appearance.
  • Squalene replenishes the skin's natural moisture barrier. Coconut oil softens skin while fighting microbial invaders. Shea butter provides skin-healing vitamin E while lessening discoloration and healing chapped skin.
  • Essential steps in optimal foot care include gently washing the feet with mild soap, exfoliating calloused skin with a scrub or pumice, patting feet dry, and regularly applying a high-quality, skin-protective foot cream.


Aging is not a reversible process. But it is always possible to slow it down by taking actions. Our feet, like many other body parts need to have this preventive care so it doesn't result in further complications later in life.

Your feet deserve the best of care especially during later life when there is are risks of infection, photoaging, dehydration, and daily aches and pain. Remember as you age, those risks increase. Do the simple things like washing them regularly and using good foot cream containing natural, health-promoting ingredients.

The use of natural agents and botanical extracts should also be considered to help revitalize your aging feet. Having healthy feet will make you happier and more active.

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