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A stationary exercise machine that has brought a revolution to the lower-body workout is a stair climber or stair stepper. Stair stepper benefits the strengths in hearts, recharge the cardio powerhouse and burns calories quickly

Stair climber or stair stepper is a stationary exercise machine that has a set of auto-rotating stairs resembling an escalator. These non-ending rotating steps will allow you to step-walk on a set speed and time.

The other version of stair climber offers two steps that reciprocally work up and down upon stepping manually. Both functions work well for the lower-part body workout and gives a person some valuable shape changing in return:

  • Calves
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps

Stair stepper offers some major health benefits such as an active cardiovascular functioning, muscle strengthening, calorie burning, proper lung functioning, etc.

Top Stair Stepper Machines by Editors

If you have concern about toning your lower-part body workout then look for a stair climber or stair stepper in the gym. Regular training on stair climber would give you a strong foundation over time. Stair climber and lower-body workout go hand in hand nowadays.

Top Stair Stepper Machines by Editors
Top Stair Stepper Machines by Editors

Stair Climber Benefits Bodybuilding

Training with a stair climber as a part of your bodybuilding would give you amazing health benefits. Let's check them below:

  • Stair climbing or stepping burns your calorie.
  • It helps keep your cardio functions active and healthy.
  • A pair of hearty lungs is optimum.
  • Significant weight loss is another key benefit.
  • Regular stair stepping strengthens your calves and foot ligaments.
  • Training with a stair climber would shape your glutes.
  • You would be able to get a pair of sturdy quadriceps and hamstrings.

Persistent training with stair stepper may also keep your lower-foot tissue in good shape.

Stair Climber Before and After

What changes in your body can you expect by doing exercise with the stair climber?

Below are some changes that you would see before and after exercising on a stair climber:

  • You will experience that your fatigue has gone away.
  • Your cardiovascular function would improve.
  • You might had feeble legs, now you would see stronger and confident feet.
  • Your flabby physique would tone down greatly.

Your body would now experience discipline and improvement.

Benefits of Climbing Stairs 20 Minutes

If you only spend a 20-minute daily session on a stair climber, you will get these amazing benefits. Not all people can afford to have a stretched set of time after work to hit the gym.Those people who have constrains about time, can manage to do as little as a 20-minute session every day.

Benefits of climbing stairs for 20 minutes are:

  • You may notice your fat burning within a month or two. Stay persistent.
  • Burning excessive calorie and fat would give you a healthy heart and artery function.
  • A 20-minute climbing stair would give your body and mind a perfect start for the day.
  • Doing a 20-minute session, twice a day would keep your physique in check.

A 20-minute session of climbing stairs replaces the need to jog in the park, when time is short.

Stair Stepper Workout

Stair stepper workout is an effective exercise and it can be done with easy steps. These steps will take one through easy to advanced stages.

This workout may start with Easy Climb and advance to be the crossover workout. Whatever you do with a stair stepper, do not rush your exercise. Go slow. There must be a plan for your own exercise schedule. Your schedule must accommodate the important parts of your body such as abs, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, etc. accordingly.

StairMaster Benefits

Though an old brand name in the market for stair climber or stepper, StairMastar has advanced a great deal. It still holds a prestigious place among the modern step equipment with its significant services.

Let's check some benefits below:

  • StairMaster offers a low impact exercise experience for those who want to avoid too much weight over their physique.
  • It conditions your cardiovascular function.
  • It tones your lower body and gives you a confident movement.
  • You can lose weight to bring your core out.

You might be wondering about spending behind a StairMaster machine but it would be worth investing.

Stair Climber Workout for Glutes

Stair climber exercise takes the whole body weight and makes a contraction at the thighs and hips. Regular workout like this burns fat while bringing out the toned muscles to form your glutes.

Heavy effort from the glutes muscle will be necessary for climbing in order for toning the glutes. Using the above principle, you can apply three variations: front to back (single step), side-to-side, and rotationally (crossover step).

FAQs for What is the best cardio machine?

FAQs for What is the best cardio machine?
FAQs for What is the best cardio machine?

Is a stair stepper a good workout?

Of course. A stair stepper makes the comparatively an easy yet effective workout for your body only if you are persistent and patient with it.

What does the stair stepper do for my body?

A stair stepper tones your muscle, strengthens your bone, and reenergizes your lung and cardiovascular system.

Are stair steppers good for losing weight?

Yes. You can lose significant amount of weight by training on a stair stepper.

How long should I do the stair climber?

No hard and fast rule for this. Depending on your daily schedule, you can necessarily spend 20 to 50 minutes per session weekly.

Why is the stair climber so hard?

It's not hard. It depends on the function you choose between rotating steps and reciprocal steppers. Besides you must set time and speed according to your need.

Which is better elliptical or stair climber?

It simply depends on what you require. Elliptical machine works out on varied part of the whole body while a stair climber mainly focuses on the lower part of the body.

What burns more fat elliptical or StairMaster?

Since, elliptical works on most part of the body due to its mechanism and functions, it carries more credit to burn fat than a StairMaster does.

Can you build muscle climbing stairs?

Yes. Stair climbers offer core muscle strengthening over time.

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