Ist Case: I used to ride 250cc motorcycle and less before for abt 12 yrs. I am not a new rider and bought my new 600cc motorcycle. Unfortunately, for some reason after every ride, I get unbearable thumb pain in my Left hand. And struggling with thumb joint pain and swollen thumb for a few days.

2nd Case: In the United States, the average person sends more than 42 emails daily and spends around 22 hours a week texting. The average gamer (age 13 or older) spends nearly 6.5 hours a week playing video games. 

And a few days later, most of the cases end up there like Doctor, my thumb hurts when I put pressure on it.

In short, we give our fingers, thumb, and elbows a workout without even realizing it. And like more athletic activities, repetitive keystrokes and mouse clicks may put us at risk for injury or aggravate existing conditions.

Little research has been done on the relationship between repetitive stress injuries — which occur when we repeat the same action to the extent that it strains our bodies — and the devices that now fill our lives.Source

The prevalence of thumb CMC osteoarthritis, or basilar joint arthritis (BJA), has been reported to be as high as 33% among postmenopausal women and 8% to 12% in the general population [1].

What is the best thumb stabilizer?

Thumb stabilizer for thumb pain.

1. Vive Arthritis Thumb Splint

Thumb pain is so pathetic, especially when you are on your bike. You have to hold the handle of the bike for so long. You can get thumb pain while gripping the handles.

Vive arthritis thumb splint works great to make things easier and simpler. You will feel reduced pressure while riding on a bike.

It is not only for the biker enthusiasts but also for who has arthritis in thumb, swollen thumb pain at base of thumb. It provides adjustable compression and therapeutic heat to improve blood circulation to the edges of your fingers.

Any kind of thumb pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, inflammation, sprains, strains, etc. are curable with Vive thumb splint. It will prevent these health issues far from your hands. The aluminum splints provide maximum support to the thumb. You will never feel that something you are wearing on your thumbs. You can move your fingers, wrists flexibly without any problems.

2. Neo G Wrist and Thumb Support

If you are facing thumb pain or arthritis for a long time, you shouldn’t ignore it anyway. Besides the clinical treatment, you should use the necessary quality brace for thumb pain.

Neo G wrist and thumb support are designed to dominate over the strains. No more pain at the base of the thumb!

 Wear this as a stylish, comfy, flexible thumb wear.

 You can use it regularly without any struggle.

Neo G thumb stabilizer is effective in reducing the thumb pain and swelling. It has a superb medical-based design that relieves the hesitation to hold the bat or the handle of the bike.

It has multi-zone compression feature which provides fast recovery from any thumb or hand injuries during sports, exercise or everyday works.

Many users of the Neo G wrist brace have got authentic stabilization in their weak, injured hands.

Different types of medical organizations such as FDA, Health Canada & the MHRA, etc. have considered this one as Class 1 medical instrument.

So, you are surely getting the best thumb muscle pain reliever.

3. Push MetaGrip CMC Thumb Brace for Relief of Osteoarthritis Pain

CMC Osteoarthritis pain or only pain of forefinger occurs due to accident or heavy stress is curable with Push MetaGrip thumb brace. It is different and unique in design from the above two thumb stabilizers.

 When you put this on your hand, it will eradicate the pain from the joint of fingers and the wrist. The contoured metal inside of this brace helps to keep balance while you work with your hands.

Playground, home, garden or office; you can use it anywhere.

Push MetaGrip CMC thumb support provides pinching and gripping comfortability without dislocating or increasing the pain. Double straps are useful to attach the device around your thumb.

 There are 3 different sizes of this brace- small, medium and big hand sizes.

4. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint

Splints are generally used when someone gets an injury in his body parts. The primary purpose of the splint is to give proper support to keep the organ stable and firm.

 Comfort Cool CMC restriction splint is useful for recovering from the hand or thumb injury. Its latex-free design keeps any microbial attack far away. If you find something in thumb arthritis test, don’t resist yourself to wear this thumb splint.

Many famous hand therapists have recommended this fresh-looking CMC splint. It works from the base of the thumb to relieve any finger or joint pain.

You can comfortably grip or grasp things wrapping this splint around your thumbs. The lightweight pain reliever for thumbs restricts the swelling and stiffness.

Not only arthritis but also you cure arthritis, tendinitis, surgery, bone dislocations, strains or sprains. You can move each of the fingers of your hand while wearing this soft, gentle splint. It comes in multiple sizes. So, you are getting full customization for fitting on your sides.

5. COPPER HEAL Arthritis Compression Gloves

Sometimes our hands become stiff and painful after longtime biking, working or playing at the field. COPPER HEAL compression gloves relieve from any muscle pain from the fingers, wrist joints. It works well for the people who are suffering from

– Tendonitis,

 -Carpal Tunnel,



or any unexpected pains.

These gloves can stabilize your fingers and wrist even when you move your hands.

Irregular blood circulation, extensive uses of hand muscles, picking heavy loads can create hand pains. Treating this pain with medicine is helpful when you have these types of illnesses. But if you take pre-cautions before facing such pain, you should use hand gloves like COPPER HEAL.

 These gloves are made of 88% copper nylon 12% spandex. So, the warmth of these can gently remove or resist the pain to stay in your hands. The infused fabric of these gloves has highly effective copper material.

6. Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer

Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer has (2,939 reviews )

Mueller sports reversible thumb stabilizer is another good-looking thumb stabilizer from the manufacturer Mueller. These hand gloves are perfect for any arthritic hand conditions, injured or painful thumbs. Those who have sore thumb joint can use this reversible thumb stabilizer for 24/7. The result is always favorable to health.

This small sore recovery stabilizer is made of breathable fabric. This is the reason a user can use it for day and night continuously. If you are affected by diseases like postoperative irritation, post-traumatic irritation, arthritis, orthosis, ligament strains, etc., should not ignore using Mueller reversible hand glove. As it is reversible, you can wear it on any of your hands. The adjustable straps help to fit the hand brace in your hands. It won’t bring the thumb metacarpophalangeal back again. Unlike ordinary hand gloves, you can move your hands and hold things without any pain. You can use this hand glove repetitively, but you won’t smell the sweat odors. The antimicrobial treatment of these gloves makes these long-lasting but safe for your hands.

7. Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer

Working on the desk or holding the bat for longtime can birth some thumb pain issues. The FUTURO deluxe thumb stabilizer is a great asset to help you work relentlessly without having any joint pain. It will make your thumb texting better than ever. The adjustable fittings of this thumb splint prevent arthritis, degenerative joint pain, and recovers from injury.

The two supportive stays of this single hand stabilizer fit any size of the hand. Providing enough stability, you are free to move your hand back and forth quickly. It has a friendly design for the four uncovered fingers. Moreover, soft breathable fabric helps to keep your fingers and wrist comfort.

8. CopperJoint – Copper-Infused Fingerless Compression Gloves

We use our hands in different ways every day. Lifting, carrying, typing on the phone or keyboard, playing on the ground. CopperJoint cares for us while we have thumb or wrist pain. The copper-infused compression gloves are great to keep limitation of our hand movements during the muscle pain. You can do whatever you want wearing these gloves.

The open finger design, rubber grips fit the hands perfectly. CopperJoint help to reduce the soreness of hands.

So, you have a sweat problem!

 Then there is nothing to worry. The company treats the fabric with an antimicrobial coating that will prevent it from smell or deterioration.

The breathable copper-infused fabric will keep your hands dry and odor-free.

Size options

Adding to these, four versatile size options available in this item. From the small size to X-large size, each pair of gloves are an excellent choice for the people having thumb aches. Suitable for gym lovers — no more stress on your fingers.

9. Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

Are you trying to fight against swollen thumb joint? ComfyBrace is continuously working on preventing the sore of thumbs. Night wrist sleep support brace is for the people who don’t have time to care for the hands. This thumb brace keeps away the pain of carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, wrist joint etc.

Maximum thumb stabilizers are only available for daytime uses. But ComfyBrace is different in this case.

This hand splint has cushioned beads and made of soft, flexible fabric.

It helps to stabilize the movement of the hands. The whole thing is comfortable unlike others putting pressure on the hands. It’s utterly breathable so that you don’t feel any restriction using it in the night. Right or left hand, you can use this ambidextrous wrist support brace. Wrapping it never causes holding the moisture of your hands. ComfyBrace claims that many doctors recommend this support splint for its quality. You can use this effective thumb stabilizer in the daytime too.

10. DropSky Gel Wrist Thumb Brace

DropSky Gel wrist thumb brace has a friendly design to use it on your hand with comfort. It can reduce or heal the sharp pain in the thumb joint. This waterproof wrist splint protects fingers from facing any sore or swelling. Arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain, any discomfort you have, wear this thumb brace and feel the changes.

If you are too much busy in your daily activities, you have increased chances to have joint pain in your hands. Besides the medications, DropSky Gel brace is a great asset in any situation. This is the best part of it. There are very few thumb stabilizers available which are waterproof. This complete breathable product is made with SEBS gel. All the fingers except the thumb remain open while wearing this. It comes in a set of 4 pieces of thumb braces including two for the right hand and two for left. However, DropSky Gel brace suits any size of hands.

11.Braceability hard thumb arthritis treatment splint &cmc basal joint immobilizer

This product is produced to relieve aggravating thumb wrist pain without restricting finger and hand movement. It helps to guard and defends your thumb, letting wounds to heal and prevent further injury by immobilizing your MPC and CMC joints. This product is specially designed to treat arthritisthumb tendon painsprains, and fractures.

What is Thumb Pain 

Thumb pain can occur in a few underlying health conditions. This pain often occurs with an injury in the thumb or if your Thumb hurts there.

Treatment for thumb pain will rely on the reason and often done with pain-relieving medication or therapy. 

Sometimes, consistent pain in your thumb indicates that you need operation or treatment for another underlying health condition, for example, arthritis

What is Thumb Arthritis 

Arthritis is a state that happens when a joint begins to degrade or create irritation. It can influence any joint, including the Thumb. Thumb arthritis is, in some cases called basal joint arthritis

Thumb arthritis is arthritis that can happen in a different part. Arthritis that occurs at the joint at the base of the Thumb is known as basal thumb arthritis. People sometimes call it a kind of osteoarthritis, which is because of wear and tear. It is common in women. But certain men can face this sort of issue. Commonly, degenerative arthritis of the Thumb happens in some cases after 40 years old.

Thumb Pain Causes

Thumb pain/arthrits usually happens with aging. Past injury or injury to the thumb joint additionally can cause thumb pain/arthritis

In a typical thumb joint, ligament reaches the end of the bone. It acts as a pad and let the bones to slide easily toward one another. 

For thumb arthritis, the ligament that reaches the end of the bones decays, and its smooth surface become rough. The bones at that point scraping against one another. This results in erosion and joint injury. 

This joint injury may bring the development of new bone along the sides of the current (bone spurs), which can create a sore thumb joint.

Thumb Pain Symptoms

The primary symptom of thumb pain/arthrits is a pain at the base of the thumb when an individual grasps or pinches an item. An individual with thumb arthritis/pain may also feel pain when they use their thumb to apply power. 

Different symptoms of thumb pain include: 

  • lump at the base of the thumb 
  • aching, uneasiness, or tenderness at your thumb 
  • reduce the extent of movement in the joint 
  • expanded, bony looking joint at the base of the thumb 
  • loss of power in your thumb joint 

Symptoms may differ in seriousness. Symptoms can be gentle at first but get severe after some days, particularly if an individual does not look for treatment.

Risk factors

Most thumb pain/arthritis is a sort of osteoarthritis, which means it is because of degeneration or ordinary wear and tear. Factors that can enhance your risk of thumb pain/arthritis include: 

  • Female in sex. 
  • Age over 40 years. 
  • Weight. 
  • Certain genetic conditions, for example, joint tendon laxity and deformed joints. 
  • Any damage of your thumb joint, for example, fractures.
  • Illnesses that transform the regular structure and capacity of the ligament, for example, rheumatoid arthritis. Although osteoarthritis thumb is the most widely recognized reason for arthritis in thumb joint, rheumatoid arthritis can also affect the CMC joint, less than other joints of the hand. 
  • Exercises and tasks that put high weight on the thumb joint.

What is Tendonitis of the Thumb? 

Ligaments are fibrous in structure. That joints the muscle to the bone. Moreover, the synovium secures the ligaments. This synovium empowers the ligaments to slide adequately through a thread like entry. This passage is known as a sheath. 

“Tendinosis” alludes to a lump of the ligaments. The inflammation of the ligaments, create agony and delicacy along the thumb side of the wrist. The entire phenomenon is known as tendonitis of the thumb.

How do I stop my thumb from hurting?

Pain in your Thumb can occur in different ways. You can treat some of them at home, with rest and pain-relieving medication while you wait for an injury to heal.

In other cases, for example, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome requires medical treatment. If you feel pain in any part of your thumb, don’t be late to consult your doctor.

Here is some way to stop your thumb from hurting.

  • If your thumb hurts at the time of regular activity, a flexible brace or thumb stabilizer will help you to support the joints. And that allows you to move and use your hand freely.
  • If your thumb hurts during the resting period, a firm support brace or stabilizer that immobilizes the thumb will allow you to ultimately rest or what you want.

What does Thumb arthritis feel like? 

The first signs of thumb arthritis is pain, tenderness, and firmness. You’re well on the way to feel this pain at the base of your thumb at the time of holding, pinching, or catching something with the thumb and index fingers. You may feel pain when you try to apply mild force, for example, when you try to twist a key in a lock, turn the handle of a door, or snap your fingers. An abnormal state of pain doesn’t always indicate your arthritis is extreme.

What does it mean when your thumb and wrist hurt? 

It means when your thumb and wrist hurt is the pain associated with them. Wrist and thumb pain often occurs due to the fractures from sudden injuries. But both of them can be a result of some long-term problems, for example, regular stressarthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do thumb braces help arthritis?

A brace can rest the arthritic joint, and reduce the pain associated with arthritis in the thumb joint. The thumb braces are the most comfortable product to use for this reason. But in case patients with a severe problem, you have to use a more significant brace. For these patients, a thumb spica brace is appropriate. This brace is more supportive of your thumb but more awkward in your daily activities.

A hand based brace supports the base of your thumb. It is best if you have pain at the CMC joint

If the pain is at the middle or “MP” joint or in case of thumb middle joint pain search for a brace that supports that joint and the CMC joint.

Should you splint a trigger thumb?

Splinting or bracing has become a popular treatment worldwide for curing trigger thumb. The splint immobilizes your thumb to keep away from locking. This solution will help relieve your pain and take you to the track of recovery. This splint is more than an immediate treatment option. It’s ideal for wearing when you don’t have to utilize your thumb to such an extent. For instance, while sleeping or toddle around the house.

What does a thumb spica splint look like?

thumb spica splint is a kind of orthopedic splint. It is mainly utilized to treat a wide assortment of disease or disorders as well as wounds of the thumb, for instance, De Quervain’s disorder, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, thumb strains, and thumb breaks.

Thumb stabilizer cvs

This Thumb Stabilizer provides essential support to your thumb so that you can concentrate on your task, whether that’s writing, gaming, or gardening. When your thumb hurts, it’s challenging to think about anything else. So slip on the Thumb Stabilizer for additional help.

Thumb stabilizer for tendonitis

This handy thumb stabilizer for tendonitis immobilizes the MP joint and the CMC joint between the thumb and the index finger, for supporting the wrist. This makes this wrist brace or thumb stabilizer well prepared for treating various wrist injuries on the thumb side.

Thumb stabilizer for carpal tunnel

This thumb stabilizer for carpal tunnel arrives in two sizes, and you need to pick whether you need a left thumb pain or right wrist-related support. The item features a metal spoon that stabilizes the base of your wrist with another metal remains on top for additional help. The brace has an adjustable strap for controlled pressure, and the material is lightweight and breathable so you can wear it throughout the entire year. The company treats the fabric with an antimicrobial coating that will prevent it from smell or deterioration.

Thumb stabilizer for trigger thumb

This thumb stabilizer for the trigger thumb is set up for treating the CMC joint pain beside permitting full handwork. The company made this item with 1/16″ porous neoprene, with a terry fabric liner that preserves the skin cold and relaxes.

Perfect for: – Supporting thumb injuries (tendon instabilitysprain, or muscle strain) – Accelerating recovery to the wrist and thumb area.

Thumb Stabilizer for de Quervain

This thumb stabilizer for de Quervain stabilizes and bolsters the joint at the base of the thumb.

Using this thing will help much lower thumb and wrist harms including wrist or thumb ligament torment, De Quervain’s disorder, joint inflammation, thumb or wrist wounds, and rhizarthrosis.

What is the best thumb stabilizer? 

When you want to select which thumb stabilizer is best then you have to think which part of your thumb is affected and the severity of your arthritis. You should look for a stabilizer that supports or immobilizes the joint(s) that hurt.

A hand based stabilizer that supports the base of your thumb is best when you have pain at the CMC jointFuturo Thumb Stabilizer and Thumb Brace with Wrist Support are best for this type of pain. 

If the pain is in the middle or “MP” joint, you have to look for a stabilizer that supports that joint and the CMC joint. The Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer is the best to stabilize the middle and base of your thumb.

What is a spica splint for the thumb?

A thumb spica splint is a stabilizer for the thumb that gives a free movement of the thumb, so your thumb injury can not hinder your regular activities. You can use Spica Splint for the thumb for ArthritisTendonitis and many other disorders.

What helps thumb joint pain?

To get relief from thumb joint pain, your doctor might prescribe Topical medications, such as capsaicin or diclofenac. You have to apply that to the skin over the joint. 

If the medication and brace aren’t compelling, your health care physician may propose an injection containing corticosteroid material into your thumb joint. That will offer impermanent help with discomfort. 

If other treatments don’t respond, your health care specialist may suggest a simple surgery.

How do you treat De Quervain’s tendonitis?

When you want to treat de Quervain’s tenosynovitis you need to minimize the pain in the tenosynovitis wrist. Preserve movement in the thumb and prevent a recapitulation.


To diminish torment and swelling, your primary care physician may endorse over-the-counter torment relievers, for instance, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen (Aleve).

If the medicine doesn’t work, your doctor may suggest injecting steroid medications to treat the swollen thumb joint. If it begins inside the initial a half year of side effects, the vast majority recover with no different medications.


Splint and Therapy

If you want to treat de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, your doctor will probably suggest a splint that will stabilize your thumb and wrist. This will immobilize your thumb and wrist and keep them straight to rest your tendons. You have to wear it all the time a day for 30 to 40 days.

You can also meet a physical or professional therapist. He will guide you some movement for your wrist and thumb to strengthen your muscles, reduce sore thumb joint and tendon irritation


In case of severe problems, your PCP may prescribe to go for an operation. This medical procedure includes an outpatient system wherein your primary care physician needs to look at the sheath encompassing the ligaments and after that opens the sheath to discharge the weight. This will help your ligaments move openly.

After the surgery, you have to meet a physical therapist for post-surgery exercises. These exercises will help you to strengthen your thumb and wrist and prevent future problems.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Consult with a doctor, if you think you have de Quervain’s. But you can follow these methods at home if you don’t want any surgery.

  • Don’t move your wrist and thumb consistently.
  • Use a splint or brace according to the suggestion of your doctor.
  • Keep continuing your exercises.
  • Use ice on the area to reduce pain.

Sharp pain at your thumb joint can be an effect of carpal tunnel syndrome. This may feel like paralysis, hurting at your wrist, in your fingers, or the joints of your hands.

Interphalangeal joint thumb pain

If ligament misfortune creates in the joints of the hand, you may feel significant torment. At first, the side effect of hand agony is dark. You may initially presume damage; however, the infection can likewise bring suffering, for example, joint inflammation. The whole phenomenon is known as interphalangeal joint thumb pain

Thumb pain when gripping

Sometimes when you try to grip, grasp or pinch an object, or apply mild force, you may feel pain at the base of youthumb. The purpose of this is your CMC joint allows your thumb to swivel, use, hold and squeeze, basal thumb joint inflammation causes torment when making any thumb development.

Thumb pain and swelling

Pain is the first and most regular symptom of arthritis in thumb joint. Several underlying health conditions can cause pain in your thumb. This may bring about lump, firmness, and transparency at the base of your thumb.

Thumb muscle pain

Thumb pain is a typical symptom of osteoarthritis thumb. This is also known as basal joint arthritis. Thumb muscle pain mainly occurs if you have any disease or injury in your muscle.

Thumb knuckle pain

You can feel pain in the Thumb’s knuckle due to basal joint arthritis, jammed thumb or sprained knuckle, carpal tunnel syndrome, and trigger thumb.

Pain at base of thumb palm side

This pain could be an indication of thumb injury or overuse, basal joint arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome

Also, the pain at the base of your thumb can be brought about by injuries to the tendons at the lower portion of your hand and in your wrist.

Pain in thumb pad

Basal joint or other types of arthritis and Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain in thumb pad.

Soft tissue injury, such as injury to the ligaments or tendons around your thumb can also cause pain in thumb pad

Bruising and cuts on your skin from everyday activities can cause injury to the pad of your thumb.

Thumb arthritis test

Thumb arthritis test, otherwise called grind test. It is conducted by grasping the metacarpal bone of the thumb of the patient and moving it around and loading it with delicate gentle powers. A patient with arthritis in thumb joint feels an unexpected sharp pain at the CMC joint which can also be associated with Crepitus.

Thumb pain from phone

The pain that comes from the repetitive movements of texting thumb has been named “smartphone thumb” by doctors. Cell phone overuse may produce the wrist pain thumb side because the ligaments that partner with the thumb can wind up pain at your wrist. You can affect your elbow if you continually bowed while holding your telephone.

Diagnosis, and Treatments

Diagnosing thumb pain 

Thumb pain can be diagnosed in different ways, depending on your symptoms. Regular techniques for diagnosing thumb pain include: 

  • X-ray to expose fractures or arthritis 
  • Tests for carpal tunnel syndrome, including Tinel’s sign (a nerve test) and electronic nerve action tests 
  • Ultrasound to see inflamed or expanded nerves 
  • MRI to see wrist and joint anatomy 

Thumb pain treatment 

Home remedies: 

In case you’re experiencing pain from a soft tissue injury, overuse, or over-expansion of your thumb joint, consider resting your thumb. You can apply ice to the site of your pain if you notice swollen thumb joint

If you take treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome or lack of grasp, you may wear stabilizer during the night to immobilize the nerves in your wrist. 

Over-the-counter, oral prescriptions for joint torment incorporate NSAIDs, for instance, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve), or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Medical treatment: 

If home solutions for your thumb pain treatment aren’t working, see a specialist. Medical treatment will differ according to the level of your pain. Treatment for thumb pain may include: 

  • Physical therapy
  • Steroid joint injections 
  • Topical painkiller for pain relief 
  • Prescribed pain relief medication 
  • Surgery to fix an injured tendon or joint

The research was taken from Dr. Marshall Emig, MD

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