Magnetic Eyelashes: How to Choose and How to Apply?

Magnetic Eyelashes | No Glue Required | Fast & Easy Application | Create Stunning Lashes in Secs

Want to add wow factor to your look and create alluring attractive eye effect!! You can Create Stunning Lashes in Secs.

After lash growth extension and lash curling procedure, magnetic eyelashes are now going to be the hot mainstream with eye beauty.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes

Entertainment world to party, occasion false eyelashes are a must. In today’s fashion world, false eyelashes are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and types. Thick and long eyelash enhance voluminous lashes in your eyes.

Read most Authentic best magnetic eyelashes reviews Are magnetic eyelashes worth the hype?

Magnetic False Eyelashes Review 2019

Entertainment world to party, occasion false eyelashes are a must. In today’s fashion world, false eyelashes are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and types. Thick and long eyelash enhance voluminous lashes in your eyes.

Everyone doesn’t born with thick and long eyelashes.

For this reason, the women who wear makeup uses mascara on eyes to enhance their beauty and appear thicker, larger and darker. But, again, mascara cannot modify the length and thickness of your lashes.

Why to choose magnetic eyelashes over traditional fake eyelashes?

 Magnetic falsies are safer and nontoxic than traditional adhesive fake lashes. On the other hand, magnetic lashes can look perfectly natural and are completely waterproof.

Traditional fake eyelashes need glue or adhesive on your lids. You will feel itchy, sticky eyes all the time and it seems heavy.

More convenient and less irritating false eyelashes are available in the market and they don’t require messy glue.


Want to Addict to Magnetic False Lashes?

 Seriously, lash glue glopping up your lid and also needs some practice to put the false lash into your lid.  These latest and greatest magnetic falsies beaches will enhance your lashes, adhering via magnetic force instead of glue. Magnetic lashes are available in different form of shapes like clusters and strips.


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Are magnetic eyelashes reusable?

Magnetic lashes made a huge splash in the beauty scene last year because of its reusability without glue. It also add even more volume from the traditional eyelashes. Want to feel very natural and a lightweight volume into your eyes?

How to Put Magnetic Eyelashes

Many brands recommend applying a layer of mascara prior to action. It helps the lashes for gripping and for natural blending.

Two magnets hugs your natural lashes end to end so it will lay down seamlessly on the lash-line. The secret key is to embed these lashes to put a coat of mascara on before to add lashes to grip on to.

Well, eyelashes are even marked as upper and lower for eye part. With the top strip, you line up the outside of the lash with the outer edge of your lash line. Then add the bottom lashes that can meet the top and close enough the magnets that snap together.

If you are not pro on applying magnetic lashes then for the first time it can be tricky, you must use your fingers to apply because tweezers and lash tools are made of metal and the lashes will cling to them instead of each other.

You need to be careful for magnet placement for the full-strip version. Without proper reinforcement both the inner and outer portion of lashes will give you an unflattering, unrealistic finish.

How to remove magnetic eyelash?

You can easily remove just gently pull them apart by lifting the top lash up and pulling the bottom one down. You can also apart top and bottom magnets one by one.

Why Magnetic Eyelashes should have in your makeup box collection?


Lots of women and makeup enthusiasts are crazy about various beauty technologies, such as

Lengthening mascaras, eyelash growth serums, curl lash extensions are hot beauty trends.

Glue-based false eyelashes have been the hype, to the makeup enthusiasts for long time.

False eyelashes disadvantages of using glue.

First, strip eyelashes can be tricky to apply, if you are new. If you are not a beauty expert, then question will arise what type of glue you will use and how you will apply.

Second, your eyes begin to itch after you glamour all your eyes. Not only itching problem, but also it contains harmful chemicals and could create an allergic reaction. Also, bacteria can grow under the lash which can infect your eyes if last for one day more.

Third, the process of removing latex-based adhesive is time consuming and irritated real eyelashes more.

Who it’s for?

Women Makeup is the magic and express their ideal of beauty differently at any age, even if you are not a glam pro.

Magnetic eyelashes elevate your eye and can change an average woman into a more beautiful one. 

Anyone who wants a natural-looking way to add length and volume in eyelash could use magnetic eyelashes.

What makes Witchy Magnetic lashes  so appealing?

Do you want to follow the falsies in a natural curve in your lash-line? These Lightweight and latest trend magnetic lashes feel so natural on you. Plus Witchy magnetic lashes promise an easy, mess-free alternative to the sticky adhesive. Witchy magnetic lashes carry bold and subtle styles.

When it comes to fake eyelashes, the Witchy Magnetic eyelashes is as natural as you get. Specially designed re-useable lashes are handmade from silky soft synthetic material. Not only do they look and feel heavenly, they are also 100% vegan and cruelty free

The Best Magnetic Eyelashes ever

So, still looking for the best and other falsies alternatives?

 Well there are reusable magnetic eyelashes that are appealing to women. They are really easy to use.
Magnetic Eyelashes

 Overall, they considered as the low-maintenance as they do not require sticky glue-on fake lashes.

It is also easy to trim or customize lashes on different facial features. Popping on a pair of fake lashes is the easiest way to elevate your look and add some serious glam. Then buy now.

Magnetic Eyelashes: How They Work, Where to Buy and How to Apply

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