Valuable Foot Care Tips for Senior’s Feet


When you get older, your feet can be a problem easily. With that in mind, we bring you some foot care tips for senior’s, you’ll enjoy. As we discussed many times on Foot Revitalize, when we think of our feet, we seem to think of them last. It is like, they can take care of each other on their own. They are usually the last body parts to get attention. In some cases people thin more of their finger nails than their feet. When you grow older, your feet requires more attention than you will never expect.

What happens to aging feet?

Our senior’s community can benefit greatly in having healthy feet. Their feet need full attention and these foot care tips for senior’s may just do the trick. Prevention is always the best remedy in many cases. Senior’s feet are often bearing the brunt of many years being neglected or through hard work. Aging feet need additional care promptly, to prevent further complications. Having healthy feet contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle and allows seniors to function while supporting their body as it is aging.

Foot Care Tips For Senior's
Foot Care Tips For Senior's

Avoid Neglecting Your Feet as a Senior

When you age, your feet will undoubtedly flatten. You can expect they will get wide too. That’s natural! Other signs of aging feet is the padding on the bottom of them slowly wearing down. When these changes occur, it exposes your bones and joints to be more vulnerable to injuries, wear and tear resulting in chronic pain.

In order to keep your aging feet injury and pain-free and remain healthy, we have brought to you some valuable foot care tips. They are simple to address with easy-to-follow steps. By following them, you will feel revigorated and able to do more too.

Trim Your Toenails Properly & Regularly

Trim Your Toenails Properly & Regularly
Trim Your Toenails Properly & Regularly

This is a necessity when keeping your feet healthy. It doesn’t matter how old you are but ass yo are aging, it is even more important. When trimming your toe nails (or having it done by a nurse), keep them trimmed but not too short. Having them trimmed the right length avoid other complications. The toe nails should be trimmed straight across and not at an angle. Long toenails can be uncomfortable and painful. Other issues resulting from a poor trim or lack of, are improper balance and footwear pain.

Don’t be afraid to ask help from a professional or even a relative to trim your toe nails. There are podiatrists specializing in the senior’s care and nail salons who will trim senior’s toe nails. that specialized in senior foot care.

Wash Your Feet Regularly

Many seniors will have a problem when they are required to bathe and reaching their feet can be difficult. They will require the help needed to do a thorough job of cleaning their feet especially between their toes. This is the perfect situation for their feet to get neglected. A lack of cleanliness can lead to fungus and bacteria complications.

Foot Care Tips For Senior's - Washing Your Feet Regularly
Foot Care Tips For Senior's - Washing Your Feet Regularly

We recommend seniors to get their feet washed daily if possible. Using a water basin with water and mild soap will do the trick. A sponge with the help of a long term care worker or a relative will work fine. Once completed, either with a dry towel or simply air drying them will do. It is important to make sure both feet are thoroughly dry before putting clean socks back on. Wet feet encourages fungus growth.

It is a great idea to apply an essential oil like lavender, which will make them feel soft, pampered and recreate a spa sensation like experience.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized With a Light Cream

Dry feet are very common amongst seniors and should not be ignored. With dry feet seniors can get cracked feet leading to infections. It is a good thing to get into a habit of moisturizing them after soaking and washing them. Once dried out, a moisturizing hypoallergenic cream will help keep the skin moist by locking in moisture and soothing the skin before applying clean socks.

Proper Footwear With the Right Fit

Shoes should be able to support around the ankles while providing the required comfort. Feet length and width can change when aging, so measuring your feet or having them measured, will help in getting the right fit. With shoes fitting well, you will be able to stand in them without pain. When shoes don’t fit properly, injury, blisters can occur.

There are places where seniors can get their feet scanned in order to get an accurate shoe size. In addition, these scanners will give you where the major pressure points are under your feet. Once identified, proper orthotics can be prescribed to insert that needed cushion under these pressure points.

For seniors, they would be best to wear closed toe shoes in order to prevent foot injuries. Shoes should have a maximum height of 1″ to help maintain balance.


Promote Proper Circulation In Lower Limbs

Seniors are more prone to bad circulation in the lower limbs. Promoting blood vessels circulation through a foot massage or with a blood circulation booster can be helpful. In addition, wearing compression socks can promote blood circulation. Simply verify with a family doctor prior or a podiatrist. We have a variety of compression socks we are recommending on this site by visiting this page.

Seeing your Family Doctor and Follow Doctor’s Orders

See your doctor regularly is always a good practice. It may be hard right now with a pandemic going on but virtual appointments are better than none. But the biggest advice or tips is to follow doctor’s orders. They will know what is best for your feet and how to fix the problems you may be facing. See your doctor is always a good prevention measure. A doctor will check for signs of sores, lesions, deformities, infections, which could lead to something more critical.

So we hope you’ll enjoy these foot care tips for senior’s because feet can get neglected easily and as we are aging our feet become more important to have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy our senior years.


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